Why Do You Need to Illuminate Your Staircase with A Lighting System?

Why Do You Need to Illuminate Your Staircase with A Lighting System


Shadows and dark spots on the staircase are a sign of improper lighting. It can lead to accidents. To ensure safety and avoid any misfortunate happening, it is very important to make proper lighting arrangement to illuminate your stairs. Let us look more at using a lighting system on the staircase.

  • Invest Time in Planning

With a well-planned strategy, you can lighten the entire area properly using fewer lighting fixtures. The placement of light strips on every step is a good idea to enhance existing lighting conditions. It will also improve the aesthetics of the place. The use of task lighting is beneficial if you wish to go upstairs during night hours.

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  • Use Sound and Motion Detectors

The use of on/off switches to control the lighting has become outdated. Nowadays, sound detectors and motion detectors are used to switch on and off the lights. So, if these detectors sense any chance in sound/movement in the surroundings, it switches on by itself. This ensures that the area remains well-lit at all times.

  • Prefer Durable Lighting Fixtures

Looking at the importance of a lighting system, you must give priority to durability and quality when installing a light fixture. The LED lightings are long-lasting. It is important to check the batteries periodically and get them replaced whenever needed.

Placement of Lighting Fixture to Lighten the Staircase

A lighting fixture can be fixed at various places to illuminate a staircase.

  • On the Wall

Almost 99% of the staircase lies head-to-head to a minimum of one wall. This makes it easy to offer wiring for lighting. Mounted and recessed spots are popular options for wall lighting.

  • Downlighters On Stairs

Use downlighters to illumine your stairs. Choose to install it at a height (15 to 20 cm) over every third step. Such an arrangement will enable the uniform spreading of the light throughout the stairway. If you choose to install the lighting spots at a lower height, then you will require more spots.

  • With dipped spots

If you want to install lighting for aesthetic reasons, then you may not necessarily follow the ‘1 spot in every 3 steps’ rule. It is not mandatory to use spots to illumine your stairways. Look for a different type of lighting solution such as an LED strip.

  • Invisible lighting using LED strips

The glowing LED strips are an innovative way to lighten your stairway. It also looks very appealing. These strips can be built into your handrails so that the lighting source isn’t visible. The height of your handrail offers an excellent distribution of light on both sides of your stairway.


Stairway lighting is a very important feature that should never be overlooked. A dark stairway can be life-threatening. So, to prevent accidents, you should make proper lighting arrangements however small the staircase is. The above ideas will help improve the safety and beauty of your staircase.

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