Step-By-Step Guide to Get an Instant Personal Loan from the App

Instant Personal Loan from the App


An instant loan app is simple and innovative. You can get funds as high as up to ₹40 lakhs in a few hours. It is highly secured and powered by the latest technology. This lets the top Indian bank ensure a seamless borrowing experience. The quick loan can be used for debt clearance, weddings and trips, medical emergencies or home repairs. Using a mobile application is a viable option today. Keep a track of your loan status anytime and anywhere on the go. But before that, it is crucial to know how to get money online. This helps avoid pitfalls and assures a quick and convenient process.

Instant Personal Loan from an App

The process is truly uncomplicated. Follow the below steps for a successful application:

Step 1: Download the loan app on your Android or iOS devices. It is available both on the Google Play Store and the App Store for ease. Step 2: Fill in the basic information. Step 3: Choose a flexible loan amount as per your requirements. You also have to finalise the EMI repayment plan here. Step 4: Upload all the documents online. You will need a valid KYC, 3 months’ bank statement, net banking or debit card details to set up the e-mandate. Do check out specific documents required and guidelines for salaried and self-employed people. Step 5: Get the approved loan from your bank.

This does not require prior banking knowledge. Simply download to get started. You can start borrowing from as low as ₹20,000 to suit your various needs.

Why Get a Personal Loan from an App?

The benefits of using an app include a 100% digitized process. It cuts the need for tedious paperwork and saves time. You do not have to visit the branch in person which saves human interaction. The app helps check out the loan offers, monitor your account, apply for the loan and pay off the EMIs. Other advantages of getting the loan:

  • You do not have to arrange for collateral. This is helpful if you have applied for the loan in an emergency. Further, this feature makes the bank loan affordable too since you do not have to mortgage an asset.
  • The loans are EMI-based. This means you can repay in equal instalments monthly. Borrowers can pick and choose the amount according to their financial capabilities. This minimizes the chances of a default.
  • You can choose flexible tenure between 12 months and 60 months.
  • The charges are transparent. You can get an idea of the processing fee on the app. It lets you calculate the total cost of the loan for a fair idea beforehand.
  • Online loan apply helps you get a top-up. This is usually 70-80% of the original. You can enjoy tax benefits if the money is being used for a home purchase or renovation.

New age banks offer the safest loan apps for your ease. Read the terms and conditions carefully before installing. It is available in multiple languages like Hindi, Bengali, Odia and Tamil. Reach customer care in case you face issues while using the app.

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