Here is why you need the best banking app for saving money?

app for saving money


Technological advancements have considerably influenced all industrial sectors. For instance, mobile apps have revolutionized the world much that people can do shopping, pay utility bills, and conduct banking activities from any place. A mobile banking app helps customers open a savings account and save money online without visiting a bank. With a mobile app, you can carry out financial transactions quickly, securely, and effectively anytime, anywhere.

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app helps you manage your money and maximize savings using the smart features present on the app. Apart from opening a savings account online, the app helps grow your money using various investment options like mutual funds, deposit schemes, or sovereign gold bonds suggested by the app. Customers can get information and assistance about different deposit schemes and investments on the app.

How can IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app help grow your money?

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the innovative tools help you choose savings easily. The unique IDFC FIRST Bank banking app gives access to all its banking services and helps grow your savings. You can:

Apply for a bank account online

With a mobile banking app, you can apply for a bank account online and avail of several benefits. If you have multiple savings accounts, they will help you save more money and reduce unnecessary expenses. You can also invest in different types of savings accounts like the Vishesh Savings Account, Pratham Savings Account, Salary Booster, and Health FIRST Savings Account to save money.

Link all savings bank accounts

You can link all savings bank accounts to the IDFC FIRST bank mobile app and access them from one place on this app. This will help you manage money, transfer money to other accounts, get statements, and know consolidated savings. It avoids multiple logging-ins into different savings accounts and helps manage money on one platform.

Check balance app

With the bank balance check app, you will know the balances in your different savings accounts. You can use the account balance check option to check the bank balances of different savings accounts you hold and use the money to buy equity or mutual funds to grow your money.

Know your expenses

The IDFC FIRST Bank digital banking app has smart tools to track your transactions, classify them based on expenditures, produce a report, and manage the expenses. It will help you know where your money goes and control overspending. The app gives suggestions on investments options and helps save more by reducing expenditures.

Income and expenditure analyser

The income and expenditure analyser is one of the significant options available on the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app. It helps you plan your finance carefully and encourage you to save any unused money available in your savings account. It also gives suggestions and alerts to spend wisely based on your income.

Pay bills instantly

Good financial management includes on-time bill payments. If you do not pay your bills on time, you may need to pay late payment charges and lose money unnecessarily. With the mobile banking app, you can set up reminders for your payments, pay credit card bills and other bills on time, and save money later.

If you want to save money, download the app, open an account online, do net bank login, invest in good options, and grow your money on the best IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app.

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