Introduction to Online Learning Technologies

Introduction to Online Learning Technologies


Online learning differs from traditional learning in a way that it uses more modern methods, this may seem complicated particularly to those who are not so tech-savvy. If you are one of those people or even if you are just looking for a better insight into online learning technologies for ib tutors you are at the right place!


Slideshows are extremely effective in getting your point across easily while covering an entire topic in a smooth manner. They combine visuals and information for an integrated and wholesome understanding. Creating presentations allows you to customise the pace and methods for teaching the class, along with enhanced understanding. This way the students find an effective way of learning by linking different concepts with each other.

For Windows users, one can create slideshows through PowerPoint and for iOS users Keynote is used. To amplify your slideshow game you could make the most of Articulate Studio, a tool for authoring eLearning course material. There’s also, Prezi, a virtual whiteboard that transforms presentations so viewers can see your ideas, understand them, and remember them clearly.

Videos and Interactive groups

Switching between both these methods can keep students on their toes constantly during classes. Videos are effective in adding fluidity with visual explanations on topics which can be followed up by group discussions. You could create these videos by simply using cameras and editing them using an array of applications and sites available online (plenty of free ones available) or you could choose an interesting video you find from the large variety available online tuition in India. After your students have viewed the video, you can continue the discussion in class and encourage them to clarify their doubts.

Games and Activities

This is the most fun and interactive way to engage students in online learning. Although, this may sound complicated, using pre-existing games or planning quizzes, are a lot simpler than believed. Several sites offer educational games, for example, the eLearning Brothers, where you can avail eLearning templates, games and activities, graphic images and videos, and page layouts- assisting you with not only games but many methods to make classes interesting.

Other apps/ sites that may come handy:

  • Turnitin: A software that checks against plagiarism, reduces grading time, improves feedback given to students, and helps engage the students, subsequently helping improve student writing. This is especially helpful for language and literature teachers.
  • LiveBinders: With everything moving online, why not binders as well? Lose heavy real-life binders and help save the environment by using LiveBinders- the best way to collect resources and organise them online. This tool is great for students, too, and allows educators to share resources with peers or students with ease.
  • Planboard: Align your teaching schedule, create a template for all your lesson plans, and integrate and track educational standards into your methodology in one easy-to-organize space. It also allows you to share schedules and incorporate notes, files and multimedia into the schedule to keep your students aware of what to expect.

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