Harris Kreichman – How Can You Create an Email Subscriber’s List for Your Business

How Can You Create an Email Subscriber’s List for Your Business


Email marketing is a cost-effective mode of digital marketing through which large and small businesses can attract potential customers to their brand products.  By using it to implement a suitable strategy, they can capture a large segment of the market. Within a short time, small businesses are in a position to compete with larger corporate enterprises. In the process, they also notice a considerable increase in their profits. However, this feat is only achievable when they have an email marketing subscribers’ list. This is an exhaustive schedule of buyers who are eager to receive email messages from small businesses. The information they seek can be in the form of the latest sales offers, lucrative deals, or announcements.

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Harris Kreichman is a veteran email marketing executive from Florida with over 20 years of experience in the field. Many people consider him to be a pioneer within the industry. His areas of expertise are advertisement, customer acquisition, media buying, email marketing, multi-channel integrated marketing, and direct marketing strategies.  He is the founder and current managing partner of eTargetMedia – this is one of the most successful and lucrative email marketing companies in America.  It caters to the needs of a wide range of companies operating in diverse industrial sectors. In recognition of his services, he has won a number of awards and certifications. These include the Certified Association of National Advertiser’s (ANA) Marketing Professional, Association of National Advertiser’s Member, and Data and Marketing Association (DMA) Member.

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He explains to run successful campaigns on an email marketing channel; small businesses need an accurate and exhaustive email subscribers’ lists. They are the customers who have a genuine interest in the businesses’ brand products. The lead conversions they generate can result in potential sales. This is why small businesses should consider the following tips when building an exhaustive email marketing subscribers’ list:

  1. Include user-friendly sign-up forms in all their email marketing campaign messages,
  2. Come up with advertisements which target customers who have an interest in buying their brand products,
  3. After every successful sale, encourage customers to subscribe to the latest email updates before logging out,
  4. Entice potential customers with attractive offers to encourage them to sign-up for the latest email updates,
  5. The promotional email messages the customers receive from small businesses should be easy for them to share with others,
  6. Small businesses should create an informative blog which attracts the attention of their potential customers, and
  7. Businesses should use suitable metrics to monitor their customers’ engagement with their email messages.

Harris Scott Kreichman concludes by saying small businesses need to have a viable email subscribers’ list for getting better traffic and sales. It is essential for the success of the campaigns they launch on their email marketing channels. When building this list, they should include user-friendly sign-up forms in all their customers’ promotional messages. The messages should not be difficult for them to share with others. They should also think of giving these buyers attractive offers to encourage them to subscribe to their latest email updates.

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