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In the world of digital marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important part of the strategy to carry out, since this practice is part of the process of increasing the visibility and online presence of a company or brand on the Internet.

Executing SEO techniques, such as keyword analysis, generating valuable content that manages to generate traffic, will guarantee your business to be at the top of the search results.

However, on repeated occasions, it is a difficult task to develop SEO optimally, since its unstoppable changes or updates do not leave time to be on par. In other words, the constant algorithm evolutions force marketing agencies or companies to always keep abreast and have the knowledge to act quickly before each one of them.

Otherwise, your website would be left behind among the strong competition that can be found on the Net.

One of the options to keep this aspect controlled is to use Technologies that facilitate this process and be aware of updates and advice provided by experts. Who better than them to not only announce those changes, but also to provide recommendations regarding them?

On the Internet, there are several personalities recognized worldwide, who can help you and guide you on the right path of SEO, why not take advantage of them then? For this reason, WebFindYou brings you a list of the six best SEO experts that you can find online.

7 Most Popular SEO Experts in the World of Digital Marketing

  1. Neil Patel

At just 16 years of age, Neil Patel became interested in the business world, specifically in the area of ​​marketing. Who would say that years after having had several stumbles, he would become one of the 10 most influential people in digital marketing according to Forbes magazine.

Likewise, he performs his talent as co-founder of the companies related to marketing Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and QuickSprout, in addition to owning an online blog where he talks about how to make your brand or business a total success on the Internet through digital marketing and everything which it involves.

His popularity reaches big brands like GM, Amazon, Viacom, TechCrunch, with which he has worked to optimize his popularity and reach online.

  1. Avinash Kaushik

Avinash is an Indian businessman, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. Nicknamed the “Google Evangelist”, he is an expert in web positioning and web analytics, knowledge that he has led to capture both in an online blog and in different books is available for sale. Also, because of his specialty, LinkedIn considers him an influencer in the digital marketing area.

  1. Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan can be considered one of the first personalities who has tried to practice web positioning – in the 90s – and since then, he has dedicated himself to spreading the word within the SEO field, being the founder of Search Engine Land, a magazine informative about SEO, SEM and of course, the different search engines.

  1. Brian Dean

Brian Dean is an internationally recognized SEO expert, even Neil Patel himself recommends his followers to consider Dean as one of the best specialists in the field of digital marketing.

He is also the founder of, a website where you can find advice and training to develop SEO and backlink strategies, which is quite useful to have a notion of the subject when carrying out plans for your company.

  1. Shahid Maqbool

Shahid Maqbool is one of the dominant SEO Experts in Dubai, providing great growth to his clients constantly. He is well known for following all the ethical terms and a demonstrative track record. Many famous organizations awarded him SEO Certifications that prove Shahid as one of the best SEO Specialists in Dubai.

  1. Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts is a software engineer specializing in the technical aspects of SEO, nothing more and nothing less due to his great career as director of the webspam team of the technology giant: Google. For this reason, Cutts is included in this list along with the experts in everything related to SEO.

He worked for the technology company for 16 years and currently has an administrator position at US Digital Service.

  1. Robert Blankenship

He is the CEO and Founder of WebFindYou, he started to be an entrepreneur when he was only 16 years old and he started all his knowledge of software development and website development in 1996, when he obtained his degree from one of the most recognized universities of Computer Science in the United States.

After this preparation, Robert began to analyze and study Web Positioning for one of his companies and then he realized how expensive it was to execute.

This prompted him to develop and capture his +27 years of digital marketing experience and skills to innovate and create an All-In-One Digital Marketing Technology that no other company owned – and still does not currently have – thus giving life to WebFindYou.

An integral Technology, simple to use and easy to adapt to change, since it can evolve with each new requirement of the changing medium where it lives, such as the Internet.

WebFindYou is the First and Only All-In-One Digital Marketing Technology that integrates all the components you need for the execution of True Digital Marketing; revolutionizing the complicated way Digital Marketing is currently implemented and, therefore, greatly simplifying the process of executing and using the necessary parts, helping companies around the world to maximize the power of the Internet at a lower cost.

Our Technology is kept up to date with Google and integrates different components to maximize the digital marketing and SEO of your business, such as the Keyword Manager, Keyword Ranking Reports, SEO content creation, keyword target page generator, Geo Keywords, in addition Tracking Technology, Ecommerce, Online Review Manager, Email Marketing, Responsive Technology, CRM, Sales Reports and many others, which are vital on the way to the success of your company in the competitive world of the Internet.

WebFindYou is prepared to execute SEO in an easier way, it is programmed to achieve it correctly, that is, to execute a complete job of digital marketing strategies.

Likewise, it is important to emphasize that as Google modifies its formula, WebFindYou automatically manages all the necessary technical elements, in order to subsequently notify you about the content changes that you may have to make or begin to comply with. This allows SEO management to be superior to any other option on the market.

There are three main steps to properly implementing SEO and propelling business to the top of search engines:

  1. The technical elements that the website must meet.
  2. Correctly define who you say the company is (content).
  3. Get validation of who you say you are (Backlink).

WebFindYou automatically handles

Step 1 and reduces the work involved in

Step 2 by 50%, which makes the entire SEO process 50% more efficient, saving you much more time and money. As Google modifies its formula, WebFindYou takes care of handling all the technical elements necessary in the first steps, and then notifies you about content changes you may have to make or start complying with.

How many SEO specialists are there really in Spain?

The figure is impossible to quantify, since nowadays anyone can baptize himself as an SEO guru. Many believe, hypnotized by the brilliant success of others, that setting up a blog and playing by ear with four basic notions is enough to be considered a specialist in the field. Nothing is further from reality.

As in many other professions, the best possibly live almost anonymously, working in silence and making no more noise than money entering their piggy banks. There are also some that, on the contrary, promote their visibility in a thousand and one ways to make a name for themselves in a market as emerging as it is close.

Whether from an agency or through a blog or a website, in Spain SEO consultants proliferate who cultivate their personal brand. This is the case of Romuald Fons, who combines the address of his agency with his new SEO profile, youtuber and blogger.

It was precisely he who shook the sector a few months ago with statements in which he attacked the typical SEO packages offered by those whom he describes as “STEGOsaurus”.

Who are the best Spanish SEOs?

Any list that is published listing the best SEO experts in Spain is always subjective and, as such, it usually generates heated debates in which sometimes even those included and those not mentioned participate.

As in all trades with a high level of competitiveness, in SEO there are opposing sides and even irreconcilable enemies. But, beware, not everything is bad. Egos and suspicions on the sidelines, examples o f companionship, collaboration and healthy rivalry between many of them are also seen normally.

Without wishing to configure a ranking, much less, but to give some names, a visit to Google in search of prestigious SEOs in Spain will give us names such as those mentioned above, in addition to those of Dean Romero, Álex Navarro, Chuiso, Javier Gosende, Carlos Cano, Marcos Herrera or Xavier Viguer among others

Increasingly SEO experts in the media

The media projection that many of these Spanish SEO experts are promoting responds to the success of the strategies of many of their American colleagues.

Names like Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, Pat Flynn or Gary Vaynerchuk – although many of them are not pure SEOs but rather Internet entrepreneurs in a wide sense- they have inspired the way forward of ours: blogs, podcasts, videos on YouTube, conferences, talks, interviews …

All this public exhibition requires a professional preparation that, at least, leaves no doubt of the knowledge of the person who carries it out. These tests of strength are presented to the public as a demonstration of something as intangible as, a priori, the quality or effectiveness of an SEO expert.

And you, have you ever used an SEO expert? What was the result? Do you prefer the media or those who work in the shade?

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