Adverse Issues of Blocked Drainage To Your Home And Health

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Drains are essential in ensuring that your sink, toilet, or bathroom remains clean and dry at all times. If these drains clog, you run the risk of overflowing dirty water in your home. It could potentially result in a small flooding at home. The consequences of clogged drains are numerous, and they can be extremely harmful.

Dirty Water

Despite the fact that it is meant to travel through your drains, the water is unclean. You may notice filthy water floating over your property, if the drains clog. The longer this contaminated water remains in the environment, the more harmful it does. Consider the situation of a clogged toilet drain. In this type of setting, contaminated water serves as a breeding site for bacteria.


Your health and the health of your family are in grave danger if there is a sewage overflow produced by clogged drains.

Helicobacter pylori is by far the most prevalent bacteria found in sewer lines and filthy water, and it is the cause of peptic ulcers. The bacteria is responsible for peptic ulcers. Signs of peptic ulcer illness include blood in the stools, vertigo, abdominal pain, and breathing difficulty, among other symptoms.

Typhoid fever is another disease that spreads due to contaminated water. You should keep in mind that your youngsters are more susceptible to typhoid than adults. Headache, constipation, or skin rashes on that chest and stomach are some of the signs and symptoms of the disease.

Campylobacteriosis is a disease that is brought on by consuming contaminated water. It also can be contracted when coming in contact with infected human excrement. Tiredness, fever, vomiting, abdominal cramps, or diarrhoea are just a few of the symptoms that might accompany the disease.

Weaken your House

A clogged drain indicates that your drainage system is in danger of becoming damaged or malfunctioning. Despite your efforts, the used water does not reach proper disposal location. A The standing water may instead move to the foundation or sides of your home. The accumulation of water in your home’s structure may lead to deterioration. As a result, you may be required to make costly repair to your property in order to restore its structural integrity. More importantly, the deterioration of the house’s structural integrity puts you or your family in danger.

Drain Cleaners

If you can prevent clogged drains at all cost, you will save money on drain cleaners, which is another reason to avoid them. The vast majority of drain cleaners available for purchase to unclog drains are caustic and highly poisonous  and could even cause harm to your pipework if used incorrectly. These cleaners contain ingredients such as sodium hydroxide, which can cause chronic annoyances and chemical burns in people who are sensitive to it.

When you have children, the use of these products becomes much more dangerous. If you want to prevent the risks involved with using these drain cleaners, you should avoid having clogged drains. If you are looking for a plumber in Parramatta, Wilco is available at all times to provide their customers with the answer they were unable to find on their own.


If your drains really aren’t clearing properly, water may cause leaks and gather in other areas of your home. Dampness in your floors or walls can have a major impact on the structural stability of your home, as well as increasing your chances of experiencing flooding.

Mold and mildew

You almost probably have mould and mildew in your home if you notice that foul drain odour or see those areas of dampness around the house.

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