Why Do People Love Playing Fantasy Football?

Why Do People Love Playing Fantasy Football?


So many reasons are there why you love fantasy football. Ideally, you would like to formulate your own list, but you would find it hard to believe that the concept to play daily fantasy football emerged in the 1960s. The roots of the game were set forth at that point in time. But times have gone on to change and fantasy football a lot different from the earlier days. To a young child, you would explain fantasy football like a Pokémon game you would be playing with your friends. Here we go on to choose among players, sort them into a lineup, and then go on to face each other’s team. Most of us are known to watch real-life football games to figure out how the players have gone on to win or lose points. Then whoever has gone on to accumulate the most number of points wins.

How fantasy football drives your workforce

The thought of workplace and fantasy football has been a craze. In the eyes of some, it could turn out to be a form of productivity killer. But if you consider the flip side there are numerous benefits at the workplace. On careful inspection, the benefits are expected to be enormous. Now before you are planning to shoot down your head in disagreement, let us get our facts ready.

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If you search the internet, there would be no dearth of material to state that fantasy football sports are a waste of time. Be it playing games or placing bids the thought process works out to be the same. Out of the masses, a lot of them actively engage in trading and become part of the gossip. But there are various benefits of fantasy football that you might find hard to ignore.

Rise in morale

Taking things on face value, people love to be involved with fantasy football. This is to be part of everything to increase your morale levels.

Before the real start of football leagues, a few days before, the mental training camp begins rounding off another season of the fantasy football league. No concept exists as far as too much of preparation is concerned when it comes to fantasy football. A countless degree of research exists at your end so as to go on to choose the best football team. You cannot consider the best fantasy football games as a hobby but it is the master of all the fantasy games.

The fantasy football game is a 32 billion dollar business and though many people feel it can be an unhealthy obsession. But in reality, there are some actual benefits of playing fantasy football. Now, this does not mean that we are not encouraging people to play fantastical football. On careful observation, fantasy football is good for your brain.


One thing for sure technology has gone on to help people become isolated. In the midst of this fantasy football is a form of technological activity that fosters social friendships and interaction. A study does go on to showcase strong friendships and less prone to stress. It helps you figure out why your team is better than the others.


As per reports emerging competitive feelings can be good for you. You need to allow competitive feelings emerging clearly or even directly is not acceptable. Competitive feelings provide an indication of what you are on the lookout for. You need to acknowledge what you want would enable you to understand ourselves better. No point to suppress your competitive feelings and then channel them through your spirit. Your brain is expected to be thanking you for this. Just you have to keep in mind that the trash talk is trivial.

The decision making along with critical thinking

Fantasy football is all about critical thinking along with decision making. In the case of some, it could be an exercise of overthinking but as a player, you need to be making decisions based on expert opinion or data every single day during a fantasy football season. What it matters is which football players need to be part of a line up or which of the ones you are looking to drop from the rooster. With fantasy football, it boils down to decision making along with nonstop critical thinking.

As per experts there are various benefits that tend to arise from critical thinking. The list goes on to outline savings on the time front, enhanced communication skills and an increased liking of the views from all over the world.


This applies to all the disgruntled fantasy-related football commissions who are present out there. Once you are heading a fantasy football commissioner you are the leader of 8 to 10 people. They go on to set up the game, outline the rules along with the scoring system. The commissioner goes on to formulate the draft and the final decisions as far as roaster issues, scoring system and rules are important.

This might sound to be strange but it might resemble that you are general of an army as the other members of the league fall under your command. Even if you do not be the boss at work you are the leader of your group. The moment you become your own boss you tend to learn things that you have never gone on to learn before. In fact, your physical and mental abilities might go on to exceed. In addition, many of the benefits of leadership mean to encourage employees

Increasing engagement of workers along with co- productivity

The day is right when you can play fantasy football at work and justify the cause. In fact, when you go on to play fantasy football with your co-workers it goes on to encourage team spirit along with superior levels of productivity among the workers. Studies show that when we are unhappy with our mental health it does take a toll on our productivity levels. The stress from work does take a toll on our social and mental life.

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