What components does a bong consist of?

bong consist


There is no general guide for smoking a bong in this form, since the bongs differ in terms of various variables such as water level and bowl. However, the smoking technique is pretty much the same for all bongs.

To consume cannabis, you first need an appropriate bong so buy  Smoking accessories at tokeplanet, which can be bought commercially or alternatively you can build it yourself. A bong usually has a bowl in which the mixture of tobacco and cannabis is filled. In addition, the bong is equipped with a water tank, which is responsible for filtering the smoke, and a mouthpiece.

How much water does it take to smoke a bong?

Depending on which bong is used, different amounts of water are required. The head of the bong is connected to the so-called chillum (glass tube), which must be immersed in the water. Otherwise, smoking can scratch your lungs, making it very uncomfortable. However, the water volume should not be too high either, as smoking the bong can then become very difficult. It is recommended to do some test runs by hitting the bong with different volumes. In this way you can find out whether the current water level is okay.

Find the right mixing ratio

The ratio of tobacco and cannabis should be balanced so that an optimal smoking process is possible. The optimal mixture depends on the material of the head in which the mixture is filled. In addition, the right ratio also depends on how many smokers hit the bong and what lung strength you have. Due to these factors, there is no general statement as to how high the perfect mix should be. The principle therefore applies: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. A mixing ratio of 50:50 should be sufficient to start with.

The smoking process

There are basically two different types of smoke, depending on whether the bong is equipped with a kicklock, which is located opposite the chillum. The first thing you need to do is put your mouth on the mouthpiece while holding a lighter to the mixture in your head. Then you should pull carefully and at the same time light the mixture. If the bong has a carb hole, it must be closed. When the smoke starts to build up in the column, you can take a short breath and then hit the bong again.

Due to the air flowing upwards and the negative pressure, the smoke quickly reaches the lungs. If the head is burned out, the bong smoking was successful. There is also a typical bubbling sound.

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