Thailand Rice Supplier Always After Providing Premium Quality and Variety in Rice Products

Thailand Rice Supplier Always After Providing Premium Quality and Variety in Rice Products


Thailand is indeed popular as an agricultural land having world-class rice plants. And these plant types are utilized in making an organic product. The fertile soil and the hot climate result in the unique and marvelous taste of Thai rice. The professional Thailand rice supplier supplies and provides the best rice products utilizing the updated and automatic rice processing equipment. That’s when the rice products are healthy and safe for the environment and also are GMO-free.

The Thailand rice supplier provides a wide range of Thai rice that include glutinous rice, Jasmine rice, brown rice, white rice, and a special blend type of rice. Many of the Thailand rice suppliers are recognized for their history in the rice business. They also guarantee the best and the highest quality rice products at their competitive prices. Plus, they are backed by professional service. They also provide for extra products as they take pleasure in serving your needs.

Thai Food and Rice Is Provided With Quality Assurance, Authenticity, & Excellence

A Thailand rice supplier to find always provide rice products based on quality assurance, authenticity, and excellence in processes. They also continuously find a way to fulfill the requirements and the needs of the customers. They even based each of the processes following the core DNAs. That’s also considering the value and ethical standards that the company is proud of.

The Production Process Begins from Sourcing Quality and Good Rice from the Millers

Thailand rice supplier is known for the production process followed beginning from obtaining good and quality rice from the millers. They also usually sample the rice from every load of a truck entering a factory. The samples are also sent back to the laboratory for the testing of the moisture, broken percentage, whiteness, purity, & cooked texture. The goal here is to ensure the rice is meeting the expectations of the consumers.

In the storage process, different sets of actions are taken accordingly. This is also considering the type of rice used. For example, white rice is also kept inside the storehouse. This is also to make sure proper air circulation, high capacity, & cool temperature. The qualities also help preserve the quality of the rice.

The Jasmine rice is also stored following a temperature control silo. This is wherein the temperature is maintained at 20-degree Celsius. The new technology utilized helps avoid quality and weight losses brought by imbalanced moisture and insects. This also replaces the demand for chemical & protective measures. In addition to that, it preserves the softness, whiteness, and fragrance of the rice.

Rice Is Transported from the Storage to the Production Process

When orders are requested by the customers, the rice products are then transported from the storage to the production process. The rice is first decontaminated removing the impurities like rocks, weed, & paddy rice. Secondly, the rice is polished ensuring the uniform and shining appearance of the rice. The polished rice is also sifted eliminating the broken grains. It is then passed through the advanced form of a laser-coloring sorter. It is grading the rice accordingly, seed by seed. The machine also separates the irregular and colored grains. This way, the rice is readily available for packaging.

In the stage of packaging, the automated machine is utilized in packing the rice. This is also to effectively avoid human contact. When the rice is already packaged, it is readily shipped to the places destined to.

The product lines are diversified and the production capacity is increased every year. This is to purposely respond to the demands of people to Thai rice. The rice products increased include Jasmine rice, Parboiled rice, long grain white rice, and broken rice.

Now, you just have learned more about Thailand rice supplier that is always after providing premium quality and variety in rice products!

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