Studying Grammar is More Important than Practicing Conversation Skills

Studying Grammar is More Important than Practicing Conversation Skills


People often debate themselves on whether grammar is essential to focus on in a language than focusing on conversation skills. Usually, people have different opinions according to different scenarios. For instance, people who want to learn English to pursue a career in dramatics or literature do need to focus their energies towards learning the dynamic and complex grammar of the language. On the contrary, people who only aspire to learn a language due to the reason that they are traveling to a place where the language might come handy to communicate with people. Under such circumstances, people can opt to only focus on conversation skills. Some people maintain a balanced approach and believe that when learning a language, people must do it wholeheartedly. This meant people must learn both the speaking skills as well as grammar since grammar constitutes an essential part of the entire language.

The people who argue that only learning the conversational skills is ample argue that even a native speaker would not the complete spelling lists of their native language. This meant that these native speakers would also have a weaker grip on the grammar. So, if a native speaker of a particular language does not know the entire grammar of their language, why is it necessary for a person who is a non-native speaker of a language to learn all the complexities of a particular language. But to this, the people who are in favor of learning the grammar say that native speakers learn the grammar of the language from their childhood. Such people although may not know the entire grammar, but they understand it unknowingly. This makes the whole argument against not learning grammar weak since it is the grammar that helps people to combine words up to make sentences.

People who often fail at even 10th grade vocabulary words have abysmal grammar. From the initial stages, every child must know the importance of grammar and vocabulary because if your grammar is correct, it will be a lot easier for you to enhance your communication skills. When people have proper grammar and proper vocabulary, they are often good at communicating with other people. As they have a wide range of vocabulary and grammar, they can talk on any matter. Grammar plays a vital role in enhancing our communication skills because it is the language that makes it possible for us to make clear and defined sentences. When people hear about the word grammar, they connect it with errors and correctness, but it is a lot more than that. Grammar is not only about making the correct sentences but knowing proper grammar allows us to make paragraphs clear and defined in such a way that the reader connects with it. People that have bad grammar and vocabulary tend to write long and unclear paragraphs, which are neither precise nor interesting. Having proper grammar allows you to catch the attention of the reader and make your sentences more interesting. When parents focus on teaching their kids adequate grammar and enhance their vocabulary, they are often creating intelligent children who are more skillful than other children. There are many kids in lower standards that are using high-level vocabulary words and proper grammar because their base was strong. When parents only focus on studies instead of other skills like correct grammar, they tend to fail while communicating with others.

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There are many ways through which we can enhance our grammar and vocabulary. To improve your communication skills, you must make sure that your vocabulary and grammar are top-notch. There is a secure connection between grammar and communication skills because if you learn the proper grammar, you eventually become a better communicator. To gain better grammar and enhance your vocabulary, the best way to do is reading. Reading is one of the most important things when it comes to improving your grammar or communication skills because when you read, you learn new words and writing patterns. People that often have strong grammar and vocabulary read many novels and articles, which aids them in enhancing their communication skills. If you have a strong vocabulary, you will be able to write and communicate on any matter properly. We have seen many extremely talkative children. The primary reason behind this is that from an early age, they have been reading different novels or comic books that helped them in improving their skills. They have many various topics and vocabulary in their mind due to which they can talk on any matter. Other than reading, the best way to improve grammar and vocabulary is to make the children participate in different competitions such as spellquiz and spelling bee. Such competitions are significant from improving grammar and enhancing communication skills because you learn new words which you can use daily to improve your communication; therefore, studying grammar is more important than practicing communication skills.

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