Know The Problems That Your Refrigerator May Have

Know The Problems That Your Refrigerator May Have


You are using a refrigerator at home to store food and other edible items. The food remains fresh in the refrigerator because microorganisms do not survive when the temperature is low. So, the food in the refrigerator remains unspoiled. Bacteria can grow rapidly when the food is not too warm or too cold. 

However, if the parts of the refrigerator are damaged, parts should be repaired. For refrigerator repair, you should meet an expert technician who is certified by a recognized institute. The technician should accurately diagnose the problem of the refrigerator. You can resolve some common problems at home independently. If you are unable to resolve the problem at home, you should approach the best technician. 

The refrigerator problems you can solve independently 

You should buy some tools that are used commonly such as wire stripper, socket, cutter, ratchet, etc. because you can use them whenever you experience any problem. Sometimes, parts such as evaporator fan or condenser fan get damaged when used regularly. You can replace these parts without approaching an experienced technician.

If the milk or food in the refrigerator is not staying cool or the ice-cream is not freezing, do not get panicked or call a technician home. You are probably experiencing some minor problems. For the following reasons, you need not call a technician for refrigerator repair

You must ensure that the fridge is receiving power and is properly plugged into the socket. When you open the door of the refrigerator, the light should automatically switch on. Sometimes, the vents are overloaded with fruits, vegetables, ice-cream, etc. and hence the air is not easily circulated everywhere. 

You have probably turned off the thermostat, and hence you should switch it on. If the thermostat is not working, you can independently fix the problem. Sometimes, the food is stuck in the condenser fan, and hence it cannot easily spin. So, you can clean the blades of the fan to extract the food particles. You can also replace the evaporator fan if they are causing a chirping sound. 

When to call a repair technician home when the refrigerator is not working?

If the food in the refrigerator is not staying cool even the wire is properly plugged or when the thermostat is working, you should call a technician. This problem is caused due to several reasons such as a defective defrost system, leaky door gaskets, control problems, etc. So, these problems can be fixed by a refrigerator repair service provider only. They carefully inspect the defrost system, condenser coils, or door gaskets. 

When the food in the fridge is freezing even when the thermostat is properly working, the thermostat is probably damaged. So, you should call a technician to test the component using a multimeter. He can analyze the condition of the thermostat and replace the same if it is damaged. 

If the defrosting drain system is clogged, the water gets automatically drained away from the fridge. It may be caused due to damage in the supply line and hence the water drips from the pipe. So, the technician can diagnose the problem by examining the parts and then, repair them as well. 

If your fridge is not working, the Miniature Circuit Breaker should be examined. If the circuit breaker is damaged, the cooling system may get damaged, or water will start leaking from it. So, you should call the technician to examine the parts. 

The technician will also check the voltage of the outlet using a multimeter or a tester device. So, when the refrigerator is not properly receiving power, the person should examine the outlet. 

The condenser coils usually convert the high-temperature gas into a high-pressure liquid. During this process, these coils release high temperature from the rear end. If these coils are covered with dirt, they cannot release heat successfully and hence, are unable to convert the gas into a high-pressure liquid. So, the fridge will not produce cool air. In such a case, the coils should be replaced with the help of an expert technician only. 

Wrapping up!

If your fridge is not working properly, examine the parts, and you can probably replace some of them. However, you cannot replace major parts such as the motor, condenser coils, etc. by yourself. When you cannot resolve these problems independently, take the help of a refrigerator repair technician. 

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