How To Change Code On Kwikset Smartcode 909?

how to change code on kwikset smartcode 909


Kwikset is a popular electronic lock for all types of residential as well as commercial doors. This lock is available with the SmartCode keypad. Only when you enter the right numerical password the door will unlock. You know this locking system is available with four different codes for each user.

You all set to give an easily remembering numeric code and then off the other three custom features as well. But remember before that you need to lose the two screws via Allen wrench. The numerical numbers are of four digits to eight digits. To set the code press “Program” button once after you set the numerical code then you want to press the “Lock” button. Again if you want to set a code for the second user then it’s a must to press the “Program” button twice.

Accordingly, the number of presses will increase based on the users for the third user three times, and for the fourth four times. This lock is provided with a LED light and it will blink for all 5 seconds. It shows that the lock is an electronic one. Alongside it is provided with a feature of relocking after 30 seconds from unlocking time.

How to override a numeric code?

The purpose may of anything however you ought to be more focused while changing the numeric code for the Kwikset. It is essential to know the way to change the code. In case the security code gets identified by others and you accidentally shared the code but the person is a stranger means then it is a must to change the security code for sure how to change code on kwikset smartcode 909.

To change the code you want to follow some instructions and then alone change it. Check the below steps to know the way to change the code,

  1. You want to avail Allen Wrench to loosen the two screws that present each interior side of the Kwikset Smartcode assembly. You ought to make it without breaking it.
  2. Once the door opened press the “Program” keypad button but understand Kwikset is available with four different codes. Thus if you are going to change the code for the third person then press the “Program” button for the three times.
  3. Now you want to enter the four to three-digit codes that you will remember easily. Now press the “Lock” button to set this code for the third person. Likewise, you want to change the security code for the Kwikset lock.
  4. Once after you set the new code as well for assurance make sure that the lock is not opening when you put the old code.
  5. In case if you forget the code and you can’t remember it then you want to do a factory reset. It will reset all the codes that mean delete all the four that you have given in the lock. That’s why it’s good to give a simple and easy code. On the occasion of any emergency and to get instant help contact Kwikset professionals. For sure you will be guided properly.

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