How much is Xfinity Internet per Month?

Xfinity Internet per


Xfinity internet plans range from $20 per month to $80 per month (for the first 12 months) depending on the plan you choose. Xfinity Connect is the most basic Xfinity internet plan and it costs $20 per month for the 12-month promotional period.

Connect More is the most exciting Xfinity Internet offer yet. It costs $25 per month for the first 2 years. The internet is powered by the Xfinity 10G network and has a top internet speed of 200 Mbps. It requires no annual contract and includes Wi-Fi equipment. You also get $20 off of your first Xfinity Mobile bill if you add an Unlimited Intro Mobile Line to the plan.

How Much is Xfinity Unlimited Internet?

Xfinity unlimited internet plans start at $55 per month for the first 12 months. These plans include Xfinity Internet Fast, Superfast, Gigabit, and Gigabit Extra. Xfinity Fast has a 400 Mbps top download speed and 10 Mbps top upload speed. All Xfinity internet plans also come with Wi-Fi equipment included.

What is Xfinity Internet Data Cap?

Xfinity Internet Connect and Connect More are not unlimited. These plans have a data cap of 1.2 TB. The data cap may vary based on location. Contact Xfinity Customer Service to learn more about the available plans and their data caps in your area.

What Are Xfinity Internet Overage Charges?

For the first time you exceed your data cap in 12 months, Xfinity doesn’t charge any overage fees. If you use more than 1.2 TB again, $10 is added to your bill for an additional 50 GB of data.

Xfinity Discounts with Term Agreements

If you’re certain you’ll be using Xfinity Internet for at least a year or two, you can get discounts on your monthly premiums with term agreements. You can choose a 12-month agreement or a 24-month agreement for even greater discounts.

How Much Do Xfinity Bundles Cost?

If you need internet and TV both, you get more value with Xfinity Internet TV bundles. Xfinity has three basic bundles:

Xfinity Connect More + Choice TV Bundle

Connect More has top internet speeds of 200 Mbps with Wi-Fi equipment included. It is a capped plan with no term contract and a 24-month price lock. Choice TV is Xfinity’s basic TV plan with 10+ essential TV channels such as ABC, CBS, and FOX. This bundle costs $35 per month for the 2-year promotional period.

Xfinity Fast + Popular TV Bundle

Fast is an unlimited plan with a top internet speed of 400 Mbps and Wi-Fi equipment included. This plan also has no term contract. Popular TV includes 125+ of the most-watched channels in the US. The bundle costs $105 per month for the 12-month promotional period.

Xfinity Superfast + Ultimate TV Bundle

Superfast Internet is an unlimited plan with top internet speeds of 800 Mbps. Ultimate TV includes 185+ broadcast and cable channels. This bundle costs $140 per month for the first 12 months.

What Xfinity Speed Do You Need?

The cost of Xfinity internet plans varies mostly based on their top internet speeds. There’s no way to determine exactly what speed you need as it depends on a plethora of factors. When in doubt, choose the highest speed you think you need and future-proof yourself against constantly increasing file sizes.

If you have multiple internet users but you only use the internet for basic tasks such as browsing, social media, video chat, work, and video streaming, the 200 Mbps top speed of Xfinity Connect More is more than enough.

If multiple users in your house stream 4K video and play online video games, add 100 Mbps bandwidth for each user. Also, add about 25 Mbps for each smart camera (including the video doorbell) in your house. The sum is an estimate of the Xfinity speed you need.

Other Xfinity Internet Costs

Xfinity professional installation costs $89.99 which you pay upfront. You can also opt for a self-install kit and save. Xfinity internet installation requires little networking experience, so it may be a good idea to install it yourself. TV installation is a bit trickier and it’s best to let a professional handle it.

You can also choose xFi Gateway—Xfinity’s Wi-Fi service—for $14 per month which includes xFi advanced security. If you have Wi-Fi blind spots in your house, you can choose xFi Complete which includes an xFi Pod for wall-to-wall coverage via a mesh Wi-Fi network.

Where is Xfinity Available?

Xfinity Internet is available in 41 states in the US. However, high-speed plans are not available in all service areas for residential customers. See which Xfinity internet plans are available in your area by calling Xfinity Customer Service at 844-207-8721.


Xfinity has the most affordable internet plans with the fastest top download speeds in many areas. It offers a range of plans and optional services that allow you to only way for what you need.

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