How Cloud Hosting Can Help Improve Your Small Business’s Security

Small Business's Security


In today’s times, with increasing cyber-attacks, site security has become an important aspect. The security of a website can be broken down into three aspects – the security of the server, protection of the data in transit, and the website’s security.

Choosing the right web hosting service is essential to ensure a secure server. While different hosting services are available, Cloud Server Hosting is one of the most secure options. In this article, we will talk about Cloud Web Hosting and look at its features that can help boost the security of your small business website.

When you buy Cloud Hosting, your website is stored on a shared server with a cloud storage network backing it. As soon as you upload your site to the cloud, its data is mirrored across the network. This allows the Cloud Hosting provider to offer scalable, reliable, and highly secure hosting services.

Here is how a Cloud Hosting plan can help boost the security of your small business website.

1. Compensates for the lack of IT staff

A small business usually lacks a dedicated IT team. Therefore, when they launch a website, they do not have the manpower to run and manage web hosting efficiently.

When they opt for a managed Cloud Hosting service, the host assigns a technical expert to the account who helps with all the server-related tasks and helps them keep the server and website security.

2. Provides access to costly infrastructure

Small businesses must spend more on servers and infrastructure to support web hosting.

The best Cloud Hosting services are based on high-end servers and the best infrastructure in an affordable package. This helps keep the server secure, and the host can deploy the latest security measures to boost its security.

3. Managed Security

Small businesses can opt for managed Cloud Hosting plans. These plans have a technical expert who ensures that all updates are installed on time, security scans are conducted regularly, server logs are checked, and backups are in place.

The technical expert monitors the site and informs you of any potential security breach while taking remedial measures. This helps improve the security of the website.

4. Automated backups

Most Cloud Hosting providers offer automated backups as a part of the hosting plan. They ensure that your site is backed up daily at a pre-determined time.

This helps protect your site from data loss due to a security breach, hardware/software malfunction, or human error. In addition, with the latest site backup available on the cloud, you can restore your site at any time hassle-free manner.

Summing Up

Cloud Hosting has been designed with security in its nucleus. As explained above, they offer a range of security features that are particularly beneficial to cost-conscious small business websites.

However, before you buy a Cloud Hosting plan, make sure that you assess your site’s needs, compare providers and plans, and look at all aspects carefully. Good Luck!

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