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Cannabis is a derivative plant of the Cannabaceae plant family and it is made up of more than 80 biologically active chemical compounds. The verywidely known compounds are namely delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) & cannabidiol (CBD). THC produces the “high” that is associated with marijuana consumption. There have been many health benefits from CBD noticed in the past. Just delta8 has been the most widely popular known for the best thc gummies, cartridges and hemp oil for human brain and body relaxation.

Marijuana is contraryto CBD. In the cannabis plant, CBD is a single compound whereas marijuana is a variant of the cannabis plant which contains variousnaturally occurring compounds, such as CBD and THC.

Currently, it is illegal to sell CBD by inculcating it in a food as a dietary supplement.

There are only limited data by the FDA about CBD safety. These data show some real risks that should be considered before consuming CBD for any reason.

Few CBD products are sold with false medical claims and are of cheap quality.

The FDA has decided to continue updating the public as it finds out more about CBD.

CBD has the ability to harm you, and this harm can happen right before you even become aware of it.

CBD can lead to liver damage.

CBD has an affect on how other drugs are working for you and resulting tohazardous side effects.

Consumption of CBD along with alcohol or any other drugs can slow down brain activity, such as drugs that are used to treat anxiety, panic attacks and stress. This can lead to increase in the risk drowsiness, which can lead to major and minor injuries.

Damage to male fertility system or male offspring of women those who have been exposed to this, have been shown in a study of animals exposed to CBD.

CBD can cause various side effects that you may notice overtime. These side effects will reduce when consumption of CBD is stopped or if the amount intake is reduced.

Changes in sleep cycle or feeling of drowsiness or sleepiness.

Constant changes in mood, most commonly irritability and agitation.

There are so many important questions about CBD that are still unanswered, such as:

What are the causes of consuming CBD daily for a specific period of time?

What are the side effects of CBD on a pregnant woman or breastfed newborn?

How does CBD react with other herbs?

Does CBD also cause male reproductive infertility in humans?

Misleading and false claims regarding CBD products can lead consumers to getting urgent medical care, such as diagnosis, treatment, and other supportive care. And as a reason of this it’s recommended to talk to a doctor regarding waysof treating diseases

The quality of various CBD products can also be bad. The FDA has also shown that the lack of appropriate practices can put consumer’s health at high risk.

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