Gifts To Surprise Your Mom and Dad On Their Anniversary

Gifts To Surprise Your Mom and Dad On Their Anniversary


Don’t we all feel excited about our parent’s anniversary? Obviously when we attain teenagehood! Our parents may have romantic outings on their anniversaries before we grew up. Some couples do celebrate their anniversary by exchanging gifts, but some keep the things simple. Whatever is the case, you can’t let your parents’ anniversary pass without presenting them a gift. Doesn’t matter how tight your schedule is, you must find sufficient time to buy a gift for your parents. Whether you gift a pair of two red roses or a set of diamond bracelets, there has to be something for the special day.

You know your parents well. You know what they like and what are their interests. Choose a gift accordingly. See if the gift listed here can be of your help.

Heart-Shaped Cake

A heart-shaped cake in common flavour that your mother and father love makes a great wedding anniversary gift for mom and dad. Order the cake online or buy from your nearest bakery!

Rotating Photo Frame

Get a rotating photo frame from the market and fill the spaces with pictures of your mom and dad. Surprise them by placing the gift on their bedside table before they wake up on their anniversary.

LED Cushion

Fighting through the tough times together and shining brightly as a couple – Your parents are the powerhouse for each other. So, gift them a LED cushion personalised with their picture (maybe from their wedding album).

Best Couple Trophy

They are best together, and you can’t state a single reason for that because there are many. Appreciate their love and togetherness on the auspicious occasion of their wedding anniversary with a Best Couple Trophy.

Then & Now Picture Frame

Hunt down a wedding photo of your parents and find a lovely recent picture, place them both on cardboard, decorate it with things and quote. An adorable anniversary gift for parents is ready!

Personalised Bobble Heads

Custom made Bobble Heads made to look exactly like your mom and dad! Try to get the attire of the miniatures customised in the favourite dresses of your mom and dad.

A Decorative Piece Made From Their Footprints

We took this idea from the movies. Get a fresh and wet cement slab and ask your parents to stand on it together. Now, let the slab dry completely and hang this on a wall like a decorative piece.

Handmade Anniversary Card

You can always try your hand at making a romantic and beautiful anniversary card for your parents. The card can have hearts, roses, and pictures of your parents on it.

Engraved Photo Plaque

How about making your parents feel special on their wedding anniversary by engraving their most loved photograph on a wooden frame. There are many gifting portals online providing the same.

A Dinner Date

Arrange for a romantic dinner date for your parents on their wedding anniversary and let them relive their old days. Book a guitarist too!

Hope these gift ideas will help to surprise your parents on their anniversary!

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