Do airlines allow name changes on your ticket?

changes on your ticket


Air traveling is convenient, particularly when you have to cover longer distances. Before you exit your home to board your flight, it is necessary to have all the travel documents and essentials. Additionally, you need to be 100% sure that the personal details given to the airline is true and correct to avoid any kind of inconvenience at the last moment. One of the common problems during air travels is incorrect name on the ticket. And, such minor error can stop you from flying. If you ever face this incorrect name problem on the flight ticket, you need to consider Delta Airlines Name change policy. To understand this policy, read the article till the end.

Are Delta Airlines name changes on Ticket allowed?

Usually, just minor ticket name changes or correction are permitted, including correction of a typo, addition or removal of last name, etc. Delta Airlines Name Change policy does not allow ticket transfer. Specifically, these are the cases when you can submit a request for name correction on your airlines ticket:

  • First Name
  • Last Name- misspellings, typos, change after adoption, divorce, and wedding
  • Nickname to legal name or Vice-versa
  • Inverted Names
  • Initial or Middle Name Changes

Some of these cases will need legal documents for name verification while some of them can be done without any documentation Tourist attractions in Spain 

What if Your Name Changed Recently?

Under the  Delta Airlines Name change policy, you can easily make modifications to your name if it has got changed recently. All you need to have is any legal document that supports your legal name.

Usually, your name on the ticket must match to your government-issued ID or passport. However, due to recent name changes if it doesn’t match to your photo ID, you can submit the documentation of name change such as marriage certificate, divorce decree, legal name document.

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy & Fees

So, now that you have understood that a name error on your United flight ticket is something that can be easily corrected with a convenient Delta airlines name change policy, it is now time to know about the related fee.

Most airlines let you make name corrections & changes to your flight ticket without any fee within 24 hours of booking. This simply means, you have a window of 24 hours to make free-of-cost name changes to the flight. However, this may include just minor changes. If you need major corrections, the airlines officials are the best people to help you. If any cost is associated with your name change requirement, they will inform you immediately so you can act accordingly.

Hence, airlines allow name change on your ticket to give you a pleasant travel experience and to become your all-time favorite airline!

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