Designer Sunglasses: Choose Based on Face Shape

Designer Sunglasses


Finding designer sunglasses is not just about protection but also about a fashion statement, which you need to remember. Therefore, you should consider a few factors, including the size and shape of your face, so that you can find the best, well-fitting, and functional pair.

However, before we start talking about different options that you can find on the market, you should know the importance of designer frames compared with more affordable solutions.

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Most of them feature fantastic quality lenses that are also durable, which means you will get long eye protection. At the same time, you can use them as an additional accessory that will help you stand out in a crowd.

Besides, you can get a wide array of possibilities depending on your preferences, which is why you should learn more about different sizes, styles, and options that you can find based on your face shape and other factors such as hair colour and skin tone.

Choosing Sunglasses Based on Face Shape

Oval – If you have this particular type of face shape, you should know that it comes with balanced proportions. Therefore, it is the perfect type compared with other options. The best glass frames include walnut that will feature the same width as the most considerable portion.

Oblong – Similarly, as the name suggests, this particular shape comes with a straight cheek line and long shape. That is the main reason why you should choose something that comes with more decorations and depth to ensure greater balance.

Heart-Shaped – You should know heart-shaped option means you have a wide top and narrow bottom. Therefore, you should choose frames that are wider at the bottom to ensure the best balance. Remember that the best options include thin or rimless frames that feature an airy appearance to create better harmony. That is why you should check out Ray-Ban Sunglasses for more information about the best options for your face shape.

Diamond – Having a diamond face means that you have a narrow forehead and jawline while broad cheekbones, which is one of the rarest type in general. Therefore, you should find frames that feature distinctive designs, including cat-eye or oval glasses, perfectly suitable.

Base-Down – This particular type tends to widen in cheek and chin areas with a narrow forehead. The main idea is to implement a more significant width by choosing accented glass frames that feature cat-eye or top half options

Square – Since this particular face,the type comes with a strong jaw and broad forehead with a balanced width and length. Therefore, you should get frames that will provide you an additional width, which means that you should get narrow eyewear that will soften angles.

Round – Keep in mind that round options comes with similar proportions when it comes to width and length, but instead of sharp angles, you may have curved lines. The main goal is to make your face thinner and longer, which is why you should get wider frames, angular glasses in combination with rectangular options.

By choosing designer shades based on your face shape, you can find the best ones that will provide you a perfect appearance and aesthetical appeal.

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