6 Places You Are Probably Missing When You Apply Sunscreen

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Everyone knows the importance of sunscreen in their daily skincare routine. Whether you are out in the sun or just staying indoors, sunscreen is something that you just cannot skip. But are you sure you are covering every body part that needs protection from the sun?

Chances are that you are not! Many places are high-risk areas for skin cancer, but we tend to ignore them when applying SPF products. We assume they do not need any. But that is the worst decision we can make because, like your face and arms, body parts are extremely vulnerable to sunburns and cancer. So, let us find out the six sneaky spots that we are guilty of ignoring when applying sunscreen.

6 Spots That Need Sunscreen Too

The golden rule when applying sunscreen is that you need to apply it on your entire body, not just where you think the sun rays will hit. It is a common misconception most of us have, which results in us forgetting to apply the product in a few uncommon places. So, here are the six spots you probably ignore when applying sunscreen.

1. Scalp

It makes sense that the highest point of your body is one of the areas most likely to burn and thus, one of the areas at risk. While your hair acts as a thin layer of covering, it is not enough to protect your scalp from sun damage and harmful UV rays. This makes it imperative that you provide it with some additional SPF protection through products specially designed to protect the sun.

From powders for the scalp to scalp and hair mists, there are tons of products that are made to protect your scalp without making it look or feel greasy. It means that you can have your mane looking glossy, fresh, and luscious while protecting your skin.

2. Eyelids

Your eyelids are another part of your face that goes ignored but is very susceptible to skin cancer and other skin damage. It is because the skin on the eyes and around them is thin, making them very vulnerable.

You can resolve this by using products curated specifically for sensitive skin. You can opt for a product containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. You can also go for an eye cream that is formulated with SPF to keep your eyelids and the parts around your eyes protected and nourished. We also recommend wearing sunglasses whenever you are out to give your eyes and eyelids an additional layer of protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

3. Ears

It feels weird to apply anything on the ears, what with so many crevices and twisty bits. It can be a bit tricky. But that does not lessen the need for sunscreen on your ears in any way. Your ears get a full blast of the rays of the sun, especially if you prefer tying your hair up. It means they need care and protection as any other body part. So, apply the product on every bit of your ears – the front, back, inside the crevices, and even a little inside the ear canal.

4. Lips

Much like the eyelids, lips are another thin part of your body. This makes it very susceptible to skin cancer and sun damage. You must cover your lips with sufficient SPF as well. Luckily, tons of lip balms and other lip products come formulated with SPF, making it easy for you to protect your precious pout from the sun’s harmful rays.

Just make sure you keep reapplying your lip balm every two hours, just like you need to reapply sunscreen every two hours. It will make sure that your lips stay protected throughout the day.

5. Back of the Neck

You probably never forget to apply sunscreen on your neck. But, if you think carefully, do you pay just as much attention to the back of your neck? Probably not, which makes it another place that surprisingly gets ignored and unprotected the most.

Thankfully, you do not need any special products to protect this part of your body. Take a little bit of the sunscreen you use on the rest of the body, and spread it evenly across the back of your neck along with the front.

6. Underarms

You must be thinking, “Umm…what?” After all, you do not go around in the sun waving with your arms raised and your underarms exposed for everyone to see. It makes even more sense why this is such an ignored part of the body when applying sunscreen. Even if it does not get exposed to the sun much, it is certainly a part that needs attention and protection.

The main reason it needs protection is that it is a part that is very prone to age and getting damaged easily, especially since the skin is already wrinkly. So, just as experts recommend applying sunscreen when indoors, this body part needs this kind of protection even though it does not get much exposure.

At the end of the day, you need to ensure that every part of your body exposed to the sun is protected by sunscreen. It includes the areas you commonly pay attention to, such as your face, arms, and legs, as well as the sneaky and uncommon places, such as your scalp, eyelids, and underarms. So, the next time you apply sunscreen as a part of your daily skincare routine, do not forget these six places.

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