4 Important Tips to Ensure IGTV Success

IGTV Success


If you are an aspiring videographer or even a professional video editor, how to post IGTV on Instagram has got to be one of your most important priorities. It will give your clients and other viewers an idea of what kind of quality and artistic videos or photographs you can produce. With the correct type of understanding on how to post it on Instagram, you can be sure that you would gain a lot of attention and appreciation from people over the social networking site. The article has made clear that online video content is one of the most in-demand and searched categories on the site. This goes to show just how good it is to understand how to post this format as well.

To make it easier for you, we have mentioned all the necessary steps to post IGTV on Instagram both from the web and mobile. But before that, let us quickly go over IGTV post guidelines and specifications:

Video File Format

MP4 Video dimensions: High Definition Quality Video (HD), Standard Definition Quality Video (SD), Standard Definition Audio (SDA), or High Definition Audio (HDA). You can choose from these formats. However, since this is one of the essential points, you have to ensure that you render the video in HD or at least SD if you intend to upload long videos.

Video Description

You have to describe the video along with its URL, according to your personal and business needs. This is also another way how to post IGTVto your Instagram account. The link to the IGTV video can be added in the About section. Afterward, you may also put your Twitter hashtag and Facebook ID. Now, if you want to attract more audience to your page or Instagram account, the next step is to add links to your IGTV video in your profile, bio, and social media pages.

Instagram Hints & Tips

For your brand, you may use the hashtag #IGTV for your official account as well as your other social profiles. This will help you post compelling images in the form of hashtags. However, this isn’t the only effective way how to post IGTV on Instagram. You can also use the hashtag # Instagram and place the URL of your website or blog in the hashtag.

Content Formats

When it comes to content formats, there are multiple options available for you. You can choose between videos, status updates, and photos. This will help you ensure that your brand’s content is visible to a larger audience. If you decide to create videos as your content format, you can also opt to optimize them with keywords and key phrases so that search engines will easily recognize your brand.

Hints & Tips

In addition to videos, you can incorporate other promotional tools such as outlines, testimonials, and contests to showcase your IGTV campaigns more engagingly. By showcasing and advertising your campaign during product launch week or the launch period, you will attract more followers and potential customers. In addition, this will allow you to build links with other businesses that are offering the same products or services that you are.

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, it is essential to create videos for your brand that are engaging and captivating at all times. If you cannot create live videos on various platforms, you can opt to have short video clips made for your channel. In addition, you can also upload videos of your IGTV campaign for your followers to share. Social media sharing will allow you to increase your site’s visibility and increase traffic to your website.

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