Top 10 tips for best dress code for an interview -Meetings

First impressions are important – your interview outfit can signal an eye for detail, your confidence levels, and even whether you are a good fit for the organisation. You need to choose wisely and wear an outfit that’s suitable for the company and the type of interview you’re attending. Here are some helpful hints to give you the best chance.

Business Professional  Meeting

 Business Professional  Meeting Dress code For male : A classic business suit is the expected attire for more  formal or traditional organisations. Stick to neutral colours and a plain shirt.

For Female : Choose from a suit or a dress and blazer combination to project the right image – plain fabrics and muted tones are best.

Business Casual Meeting

Business Casual Meeting Dress Code For Female : Wear a blouse with jeans or trousers, or a plain dress for a slightly more casual but professional look

For Male : Pair your shirt with chinos or dark jeans for relaxed business look – you can choose from a more varied colour palette than the more professional look.

Start Ups & Creatives Meeting

Start Ups & Creatives Meeting dress code For Male : A polo shirt or casual shirt with jeans is absolutely fine for start-ups and roles that aren’t client-facing, but avoid large logos or slogans.

For Female : A wrap dress or tunic with leggings is perfect for an interview in a slightly more creative environment.

Top 10 tips for best dress code for an interview
    • Avoid too much perfume or aftershave, but you may want to have a breath mint just before you go into the building.
    • Wear clothes that you’re comfortable in – new shoes or a scratchy shirt can affect your body language.
    • Make sure your outfit is suitable for the journey and weather conditions too, so you arrive looking your best.
    • Avoid pale denim if you’re wearing jeans – dark or black is generally seen as more business appropriate, even in more informal environments.
    • Bring a folder or briefcase if you have documents or a CV to review.
    • you’re wearing jeans – dark or black is generally seen as more business appropriate, even in more informal environments.  If you’re not sure how formal to look, err on the side of caution, It’s better to be overdressed at an interview than underdressed.
    • Avoid things that detract from your personality and expertise – you want your interviewer to remember what you say, rather than your earrings or tie.
    • If your interview involves a presentation, make sure you’re comfortable standing up and moving around in your outfit without it becoming a distraction.
    • Unless you’re applying for a very creative job, classic is generally best; black or nude tights, plain shoes, and discreet accessories/jewellery.
    • You can generally dress slightly less formally for the second interview than the first, but still make sure your attire matches the organisation.

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How to Detect Hidden Spy Application on Your Android -iOS phone

Hundreds of devices are hacked each day. Spy apps are placed on phones through devious means and they can steal information, monitor texts and even ruin your battery life if they stick around on your phone.

Sometimes this type hidden application record your audio-video and your browsing history .Some application record your online transaction record with your financial detail which is cause a huge loss on credit card Or your internet banking.

Here are a couple of signs that could indicate that your phone has a hidden spy application install

No-1: Battery Drain Fast
Battery Drain Fast

  • Has your battery been acting strange all of a sudden?
  • If your battery is draining much faster than usual over a short period of time, it could be an app that is running in the background.
  • Spy apps can drain the battery fairly quickly and will force you to charge your phone more often.
No-2 : Lots of Data Uses
Lots of Data Uses

    • If your data has been draining really quickly, then it could be because a spy app is sending and receiving data on your phone.
    • Make sure you monitor how much data you’re using.
    • If there are any weird inconsistencies or apps taking up more data than usual, it could be infected with spyware.
No-3: Slow Phone Process
Slow Phone Process 

  • Phones will usually get slower over time, but if your phone suddenly becomes sluggish then it could be a spy app.
  • Try restarting your phone first. If that doesn’t fix anything, look at the apps you’ve recently installed and consider removing some.
  • If that still doesn’t fix it, then it’s likely a spy app has made its way onto your phone and is causing your phone to slow down.
No-4 : Random Application Install Without Your concern
Random Application Install Without Your concern

  • If you’ve noticed that you’ve got new random apps on your phone, then it could be because of a spy app.
  • Some programs are bloatware added by phone carriers and manufacturers, but sometimes, malicious apps can be installed by spy apps.
  • Make sure you know what’s going on in your phone and uninstall any apps that you don’t use.
No-5:Wired message appeared on Screen
Wired message appeared on Screen

  • People often receive spam texts and messages, but if you’re getting them on a very regular basis then you should be concerned.
  • This is especially true if the messages you’re sending and receiving contain random letters and digits.
  • This is usually because the spy app has an error and is accidentally sending random bits of information.
No-6 : Website acting strange
Website acting strange

  • Websites sometimes go through changes, but if the website you usually visit suddenly has lots of ads and popups, then it could be a spy app infecting your phone.
  • Be careful where you enter your information because a fraudulent version of a website could be appearing in place of a legitimate one.
  • Spy apps act as a proxy to intercept information, and this could quite literally steal your information from under your nose.

How to secure phone from hidden-spy application ? 

If above mention symptom seen on your android OR ios device then you have must secured your phone as soon as possible .follow above step to secured secure phone from hidden-spy application.

  1. Consider backing up your data(such as photos and videos) then doing a factory reset
  2. Don’t install apps from unknown sources
  3. Be careful of third-party app stores and downloaders
  4. Avoid jailbreaking because it can open up vulnerabilities in your phone
  5. Never let your phone out of your sight
  6. Make sure your phone is protected with passwords, fingerprints and face unlocks
  7. Use trusted antivirus software
  8. Avoid connecting unknown wifi networks
  9. Don’t Share your phone with random stranger ,even if you think they’re nice people

So prevention is better than cure so  always keep your eye phone and monitor your phone daily. Some time this type of hidden application can create lots of problem. If you like this post then share with your friends on your social account like facebook,twitter and whatsapp group.

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How to choose & use backpack for Trip or Hiking ?

Backpack … In this time a most useful item for daily uses but most of time we are confused which backpack is good for traveling, Hiking and daily uses .Here a brief and somewhat scientific guide to pack selection and trip preparation

What capacity backpack do I need?

TimeLitersEmpty pack Weight
Day OR Overnight 20-25 Liter1.5 to 4.5 lbs.
Weekend50-60 liter2.5 to 5 lbs.
Multiday60-80 liter2.5 to 5 + lbs.
Extended80+ liter4 to 6 lbs.

What size backpack do I need

 What size backpack do I need?

Always choose your backpack size on Torso length, So now question is how know my torso length. Check this step to know about your torso length with help of your friend or own self.

  • Have a friend locate your C7 vertebra the most prominent bony bump on the back of your neck when you tilt your head forward.
  • Put your hand on the top edge of your hip bones with your thumbs reached behind you. Imagine a line running across your low back between your thumb.
  • Using flexible measuring tape or tell your friend to measure, your friend should start at the C7 vertebra and measure down your spine to the point where the tape crosses the imaginary line between your thumbs.
  • This distance is your torso length

Here is some back-pack size with Torso length

BackPack Size Torso Length
Extra SmallUp to 15”+
Small16 to 17 “ +
Medium /Regular18 to 19”+
Large /tail20” +

How  Determines backpack volume ?  

At the testing  team uses a standardized test method to know as the ASTM F2153, to calculate the volume of your any brand backpacks. The tester fils the packs -including all the pockets – with gumball sized plastic balls. The ball is then poured out into a measuring cylinder calibrated to measure liters.

What is Extended capacity? Many packs are designed the feature to increase the carrying capacity beyond the normal capacity. This is also measured at  all testing center, and litested as the extended capacity.

What is prefer cubic inch measurements? this is conversation of  of liter in to inches its comes with to convert liters to cubic inches multiply by 61 more information hotmail login  

Best way to load my backpack for trip

Best way to load my backpack for trip

Bottom:  Sleeping bag and things you’ll need only at night (Except for your flashlight or headlamp)

Middle: heaviest items such as food, hydration system, stove and cook set. They should be close to the spine for good support. Stuff softer, lightweight item around these, such as tent fly and extra clothes.

Top: Lighter -weight items like clothing in a stuff sack and essentials that you will need easy access to

Outer Pockets: Snacks, map and compass, sunglasses, toilet paper and towel, headlamp,sunscreen,first aid and other item you will need to get to

Stuff pockets: You can stash hat, gloves and an extra layer in the stuff pocket if your pack has one. Some pack have convenient pocket for a snack, lip balm or moleskin.

OUTER STRAPS: Secure sleeping pad, trekking poles and tent poles with bottom straps and side straps. Use this daisy chain and lash point for other items like crampons.

How do I adjust the fit of my backpack?

Follow these step by step instructions

      • Put your arms through the straps and position the hip belt on your hip bones.
      • Clip the hip belt buckle and pull the tails forward to tighten (You should feel most of the weight of your pack on your hips ,not your shoulders)
      • Snug the shoulder straps by pulling down on the webbing rails.
      • Pull the pack in toward your lover back with the adjuster straps on the side of the hip belt.
      • Pull the pack in toward your upper back with the webbing at the top the shoulder straps.
      • Slide the sternum strap up or down the shoulder straps unlit comfortable: clip the buckle and tighten
      • Some sternum strap buckles have a built-in whistle – you may blow it now to signal that your pack is adjusted and ready to go. Just kidding. Use for emergencies only
      • And Finally if you are carrying any cats, secure the pack lid prior to takeoff

Which is important item I have take with me during the hiking Or tracking ?  Here is top 10 list of essential iteam which you have must carry during your hiking Or trekking

      • Navigation (Map and compass with Offline maps in Smartphone)
      • Sun protection (sunglasses and sunscreen lotion)
      • Insulation (Some extra clothing)
      • Illumination (head lamp -flash light)
      • First -aid supplies with some common medicine
      • Fire (Waterproof matches /lighter /candles)
      • Repair kit and tools (like duct tape)
      • Nutrition (extra food like energy bar)
      • Hydration (extra water)
      • Emergency shelter

Hope you like this guide for backpack, If you have any question or suggestion please feel free write in comment and share this article with your friends if think this is good guide .Keep reading other tips and tricks on our blog .

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How to stop dog allergies and home remedies   

If you are a dog lover then you often face one common problems in every breed of dogs is allergies. Some common symptoms of dog allergies are itchy red skin, runny eyes, inflamed ears, vomiting, sneezing, asthma, diarrhea, swollen paws and sneezing.

Most of dogs are often affected with some common three type of allergies like environmental, food allergies and fleas. These allergies can be treated with proper care and right medication.

 Understating allergies in dogs and their Treatments 

What is allergies? Allergies is adverse response by the immune systems to substances misunderstood as potential threats. About 10% of the allergies in dogs are due to food and mostly 20% dogs react to more than two allergens.

Common symptoms of dog’s allergies

  • Itchy red skin
  • Constant itching
  • Inflamed ears
  • Asthma
  • Diarrhea
  • Swollen paws
  • Sneezing
  • Vomiting
  • Runny/red eyes

Which Dog breeds most prone to Allergies

  • Golden Retriever
  • Bichon frise
  • Boxer
  • Cocker spaniel
  • German shepherd

Dog breeds most prone to Allergies

Common type of Allergies and treatments

  Environmental : Caused by outdoor or indoor irritant in environment like molds, dust, house mites ,feathers ,weed , pollen , wind etc 


  • Regularly clean your dog’s indoor air environment
  • Avoid over medication your dog
  • Bathe your god and take care to clean the paw area
  • Provide your dog with high quality drinking water

Flea Allergy :if your dog is allergic to fleas, you will notice your dog became very uncomfortable and scratches all the time it is caused by saliva of the flea


  • Comb your dog’s hair regularly
  • Bath your dog regularly
  • Use a pest repellent
  • Oral drug can also be taken in consultation with a vet
  • Treat your house and pet bedding and yard to get rid of fleas with insecticides.

Food Allergy: Food allergy is caused by certain type of food and finding the exact allergen can be quite difficult. Your dog might develop allergic reaction to certain food because he -She has been consuming it for a long time period. Sometimes allergic reaction may not occur immediately and sometimes it may take up to two years for any sign to show up. Food allergies. Food allergies are not the same as food intolerances. 8% of skin reaction in dogs are due to food allergies Some common food which is create allergies is grains, beef, dairy products, soy , wheat, chicken, lmb fish,eggs and corns.


  • Elimination diet in consultation with your vet for period of at least 12 weeks
  • Try to identify the allergen which itself is not easy
  • Eliminating the allergen and giving your precious dog a diet that is best for it
  • You may to go through the trial and error method before finding a diet that is best for your dog. And it may be raw of commercial
  • For the trail, provide them with prescribed diet and water
  • During trail period you should keep an eye on the following things of your dog: Appetite, Exercise, Bowel movements, Urination, Itching and Excessive Licking

Prevention of Food Allergies

Experts say a healthy gut can be maintained if the diet has natural rotation and variety in it. Its is recommended that puppies are given probiotics from six month to one year of age.

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