Whether you are looking for a gaming mouse that has all the latest bells and whistles, or you need a cost-effective solution to fuel your e-sports passion, there are some important features to consider. Check them out and settle for the best quality-price ratio.

What is CPI (DPI)?
Mouse sensitivity is measured in Dots Per Inch (DPI for short) or Counts Per Inch (CPI) The higher the DPI is, the less physical distance you need to move the mouse. Although the sensitivity level is a matter of personal taste, playing on low DPI improves your accuracy, while utilizing high DPI ensures faster mouse reactions.

 Tip: For your convenience, find a mouse that allows U changing the DPI on-the-fly and setting custom DPI

Laser Or Optical Sensor ?

Optical Sensor
Optical sensors are more tolerant to surfaces’ roughness. Cloth pads help them reach peak performance. Best optical sensors have less than 1 percent variation in tracking at different speeds as compared to aser sensors where that percentage jumps to 5-6%. That being said, most players admr that the difference is negligible.
Laser mice work well on different surfaces, but they also have much higher sensitivity. That’s not  necessarily a bad thing, though. Laser mice can output higher DPI values but when used” on rough surfaces or low sens, the mouse cursor tends to “jump”. For optimal performance, get a hard mouse pad . So its help as lot
Tip: For your convenience, find a mouse that allows U changing the DPI on-the-fly and setting custom DPI


Why Polling Rate is Important to Me?

The polling rate refers to how many times the mouse is reporting its current position to the computer.It is measured in Hertz (samples T per second), or in delay (lag in milliseconds). 1000 Hz translates to 1 ms delay, 500 Hz translates to 2 ms delay, etc. Polling rate is usually adjustable. Higher Hz valuer means less lag but on the other  hand, it causes faster battery drain of wireless mice.

 Tip: Try to find a ^ mouse that » supports a pollinq rate of 500Hz or 1000Hz.

Should I Care about Prediction, Acceleration and Lift-Off Distance?

 Predication : Predication is the mechanisms that enable user to draw straight lines.The mouse sensors predict the horizontal and vertical lines user draw and make them straight again. Is that a bad thing? YEA – instead of being translated straight to the computer. your hand movement are distorted.This not only lead to missed target but aldo ruins your muscle memory

Acceleration : The term Acceleration refers to the cursor speed The speed you move your mouse affects the distance your cursor moves on-screen. Is this a bad thing? Yes – High mouse acceleration can cause inconsistency and a loss of cursor precision Also, your hand movements are ‘interpreted” and not accurately sent to the computer.

 Lift-off distance : Lift-off distance indicates how much you can lift the mouse off the surface before it is unable to track your movements. In this case, the rule “The less, the better” apples, especially if you often lift your mouse off the pad. Laser sensors tend to hove higher lift-off distances. while optical ones usually have lewer lift-off values.you can find on www.hotmail.com

 Tip:Try to find a mouse that either offers no acceleration or allows you to turn it of  

Do you know your grip style

When it comes to gaming mice and lengthy gaming sessions,ergonomics should bot be underestimated.Your gripping style and the way the mouse fit your hand have a great impact on your physical comfort and In-gaming accuracy

There are three main gripping style – palm,claw and fingertip, Respectively Some mice suit all sorts of grip ,but most of them are appropriate to one or two gripping sylte

 Tips : Finding a mouse that feels as a natural extension of your hand reduce wrist fatigue and aids your stellar gaming performance.

Wired Or Wireless

Wireless mice give you more freedom of
movement, but you have deal with batteries. To boost their battery life, some manufacturers lower the polling rate values and reduce the color lighting customization features.
Wired mice are said to offer better accuracy and lag-free gaming experience. Also, you never have to worry about drained batteries. However, these benefits come at the expense of yet another cord around your desk. Cables can potentially affect your hand movement, especially if you use lighter mice and employ a fingertip grip. Cables are also potential drink spillers, so( keep your beverage away.




 Tip: Try to find a mouse that can be used in both wired and wireless mode. It would be great if you can charge your mouse while using it in wired mode.

How Many Mouse Buttons ?

  • 3-5 is enough for most FPS and RTS Players
  •  6-10 is great for MOBA fans
  •  MMO addicts will enjoy mice with at least 10-15

 Tip: Sometimes, the abundance of but¬tons increases the chance of mis clicks. If you are switching between gaming genres, make sure you can disable some of the buttons via the software.

Essential Mouse Features for Different Gaming Genres

What is Important in MOBA/RTS ?
• Decent button count• Durable switches
• Adjustable weightMOBA and RTS fans do a lot of clicking. That is why your mouse should possess durable switches. The weight is a matter of personal preference but try to find a mouse with adjustable weights. Having an extra mouse button to utilize TeamSpeak, Ventrilo or other comm interface can be very convenient as it improves coordination between teammates and help you win team matches.

Not so important:
• Button count

What is Important in FPS?
• Adjustable DPI
• Weight
• Lack of Acceleration and Prediction
• Laser sensor and a suitable matBeing an FPS player requires you to equip yourself with a mouse offering the brilliant precision needed for lining up headshots. Choosing a light¬weight mouse prevents strain and increases your accuracy. You should be able to adjust the DPI at small increments until you find a DPI level you are comfortable with. The availability of a dedicated “sniper button” is also a nice asset for FPS games. Accuracy is built with consistent practice, but acceleration and prediction mess with your muscle memory. Therefore, do your best to avoid them. Get a razor-sharp laser sensor and a mat

Not so important:
• Button count
• Switches durability







What is Important in MMO?

• Decent number of programmable buttons
• Good ergonomics
• Robust software

Being a MMO fan means you need to have all essential spells at your fingertips. The more buttons the mouse features, the more macros you will be able to assign. As a MMO player, you know that long gaming sessions can bring muscle strain, so ergonomics does matter. Some vendors offer convenient in-game button configurators, too.

Button configurators, too.
Not so important
• DPI, Sensor
• Prediction
• Acceleration
• Lift-off distance
• Weight