7 Tips for car window tinting – Tips and Law in Australia

Whats is car window tinting ? To lessen the effect of sun’s harmful UV rays and intense heat, vehicle windows are covered with a slim transparent film. This method of protecting the windows is known as window tinting. The tinted film’s thickness ranges between 0.001 to 0.004 inches

7 Tips for car window tinting


TIPS ON CHOOSING Car Window tinting
  1. Have a fair idea as to where the tints should be applied in the window sections of your car.
  2. Select high quality top tier tints for its durability or decide on normal car window tints, which are less expensive
  3. Choose safety window film, to get maximum protection against UV radiation.
  4. Be aware of the State laws on tinting limitations for car window tints.
  5. Get window tints installed by professionally qualified technicians for 100% perfection.
  6. Have a fair idea as to where the tints should be applied in the window sections of your car.
  7. Study all the details regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the newly installed window tints.

Benefit of car window tinting

  • Reduced load on the air conditioning system,due to less amount of heat rays entering through the tinted windows
  • Reduced glare from the sun’s rays during the daytime.
  • Tinted windows allow you more privacy inside your vehicle space, as compared to non-tinted vehicles.
  • Tinted windows amplify the visual appeal of your vehicle.
  • The unbearable heat of the sun is deflected and the vehicle is cooler during the daytime. 

 What is the darkest legal tint in Australia? 

  •  VicRoads states that all motor vehicles manufactured after July 1971 are required to comply with Australian Design Rule (ADR) 8/00 – Safety Glazing Material. This rule states that:
  •  Windscreens must allow minimum 75 percent of noticeable light in the main focal vision area of the vehicle, which excludes the top-most area of the windscreen (according to law ADR 8/00)
  •  Apart from the main windscreen, rest of the windows must allow minimum 35 percent of noticeable light inside the vehicle
  •  Tinted window glasses are allowed to generate a reflectance value of less than 10 percent only.This is common law for all untreated glass.
  •  Tinting is prohibited in the main vision area of the vehicle that is the front part of the windscreen.

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How to apply False Eyelashes | 8 step from Expert

Here is some secret Tips to show your beauty with your eye and eyelashes is one of them .we talk with many makeup artists to spill their best lash application tips. Read on to learn how to apply false eyelashes like a professional , plus 8 tips to keep your falsies looking fresh!

Step-1:Identify the right false eyelashes for your eye shape
How to apply False Eyelashes-1Depending on your eye-shape, ensure you select the correct size strip lashes. For example, if your eye shape is hooded, then a longer pair of false eyelashes may be a better fit for you. If you have a more rounded eye shape, then go for shorter lashes that provide much more volume
Step-2: Ensure a clean and well lit workspace
How to apply False Eyelashes-2Using a well lit room or a glamcor light will help to ensure that you’re handling the lashes correctly and will ensure your application of the eyelash glue will be seamless.
Step-3 Use tweezers to carefully peel the lashes from the tray
How to apply False Eyelashes-3It’s important that you pick up the lashes from the corner of the lash band and avoid picking it up from the actual eyelash itself as this will likely damage the eyelash before you’ve even had a chance to put them on. I know, it seems obvious, but sometimes the excitement can get to us all a little.
Step-4 : Get the length right
How to apply False Eyelashes-4Do the lashes fit the length of your eyes? This is sometimes overlooked. To ensure a perfect fit, hold the lash againsL your own eye with the inner (thin) corner of lash over the point where your lashes thicken. If the lash is longer than your eyelid, cut off the excess at the outside edge.
Step-5:Get the make up done
How to apply False Eyelashes-5Once you have your false lashes ready to be applied to your eyelid, add a layer of eyeliner and then a coat of mascara, as you would usually. Feel free to curl your natural eyelashes as well if you’re feeling that little bit ‘exLra’.
Step-6: Apply the eyelash glue
How to apply False Eyelashes-6Holding the lash with tweezers, apply just a thin layer of the glue along the lash band from end to end A small amount of the adhesive will be strong enough to ensure a long-lasting false eyelash. Then, wait just a few seconds until the adhesive becomes tacky. Do not apply the adhesive directly on the eyelid. The a hesive will dry out and the effectiveness of it will quickly diminish. You could also risk damaging your eyelid and eye.
Step-7: Apply the false eyelashes
How to apply False Eyelashes-7Using your tweezers, pinch the strip lash carefully in the centre and from the front. Carefully place the lash band directly on the skin just above your own natural lashes. Gently pull down the false eyelash from either end to get as close to your natural eyelashes as you can. Once you are happy with the positioning of the lash, then apply gentle pressure across the lash band for a few seconds until it sets. Finally, hold the corners of the lash for a few more seconds to secure a fit.
Step-8: Blend then blend again!
How to apply False Eyelashes-8Using mascara, lightly touch up the false eyelash to ensure that it blends in with your real lashes. You can also use eyeliner across the false lash band to give it a more natural and authentic look. Naturally, this is really apply as you see fit and no blending maybe required.

Finish the look

How to apply False Eyelashes 9Using your fingertips, carefully push against the lashes to encourage the curve. This will help to give them the look of a little more volume and spruce them up before the big night ahead.

Hope like this tips Share this and enjoy !!!

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7 Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season | When Not In use

Mostly all people are avoid biking or long trip in winter. So When you buy the motorcycle of your dreams, you’ll naturally want to protect your investment. But not all of us have the luxury of a garage or a dry spot where we can store our bikes throughout the year. Don’t let the threat of rust, dirt, crime and careless drivers keep you awake at night. Here are a few top tips for storing your bike this winter. So follow this above mention tips to protect bike from harsh winter weather.

Here is 7 Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season


Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season-1Ideally, your bike should be kept inside. Choose a location away from a window, as UV light can fade paint and plastic parts. If that’s unavoidable, then make sure it’s covered with a non-transparent sheet.


Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season-2The battery must be disconnected and removed before the bike goes into storage. In cold weather the battery can freeze, causing it to crack and leak an acidic solution over your bike. Once the battery is removed, clean the terminals with a wire brush and lube them with dielectric grease. The battery should be kept in a clean, dry place, and charged in a well ventilated area.


Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season-3Fill up the tank before you lay your bike to rest, but be careful not to overfill the tank as it will need room to expand. Then, add a stabiliser to prevent moisture accumulation, which will keep the fuel from going stale.


Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season-5Investing in a decent cover is well worth the additional.expense, as coverings like tarps and old sheets can actually do more harm than good!


Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season-4Inflate both tyres to the maximum recommended pressure. If the bike is stood on a concrete or metal floor, place some cardboard underneath the tyres to prevent the rubber from freezing.


Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season-6Wax acts an effective barrier against rust and moisture, so give metal surfaces like the frame or engine a light spray of WD-40 to keep them shiny and corrosion free. This should include the mufflers and exhaust, which can rust when not in use. Once dry, cover each muffler with a plastic bag to keep out any moisture.


Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season-7Acids are produced in the oil when the bike is in use, which can cause damage to the inner metal surfaces. For this reason, it’s a good idea to freshen up the oil before a spell of prolonged inactivity. Preferably, use a winter grade (5w30) and dispose of the old oil responsibly.

So If you want to more tips on biking then best place is Youtube , Lots of youtubers provide best guide for the bike for all category. Do check some well known bikers youtube channel for more detail. And hope you like this tips. If you like this 7 Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season . 

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Top 10 Tips to Use Instagram for your Business

Now day if you are not using social media for your business then you are hitting your arrow into the dark. Social media is biggest and easy way to promote your business online. And Instagram is one of most used planforms in social media platform.Over 800 million monthly users are active on the Instagram.We know one image is equal to 1000 Words. So you can promote your online presents with Instagram with right way.

Here I have mention 10 tips for Instagram use for business

Instagram for your Business Tips-1Instagram offers two types of pages: Personal pages and business pages. To get all the benefits of a corporate account, double check that you’re choosing the right option.

Instagram for your Business Tips-2Are you using your page to increase brand awareness? Sell your product? Gain more fans? Decide what your main goals are before you post to ensure you deliver a consistent message. 


Instagram for your Business Tips-3Enable your pictures to be shared instantly on other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest upon posting. B

Instagram for your Business Tips-4Whether it’s through the same filter or of the same subjects, make sure your photos all have a clear and consistent ‘look’ so fans and followers can easily tell them apart from other posters in their feed.
Instagram for your Business Tips-5Using Instagram’s built-in embed code, you can share photos on your blog to help attract the traffic from your website to your Instagram!
Instagram for your Business Tips-6Sponsored ads allow you remain in search results for desired keywords longer. They’re not publicly available yet, but should be soon for most business accounts.

Instagram for your Business Tips-7Offering exclusive promo codes and discounts to your Instagram followers is an easy way to encourage a follow, not just a like.

Instagram for your Business Tips-8Sharing pictures you’ve been tagged in will encourage others to post about your brand in hopes you’ll do the same with their photos. It’s a great way to show fan appreciation and an easy way to get others talking about your company.
Create a custom hashtag and encourage others to Instagram your company logo as an entry to a contest. Your reach will expand as your fans’ followers are exposed to your brand at no expense to you or your company’s time.
Create a trustworthy image that fans can relate to by showcasing who runs your company and how. Instagram is above all else visual, so use that to your advantage by showcasing your environment and employees!

Hope you like this Tips , please share with you friends !!! Enjoy

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Difference between LCD and Amoled | what is best ?

Right now mobile comes with two type of difference display One is Amoled and Second is LCD .So here I have mention some brief information about both display panels. LCD. Stands for “Liquid Crystal Display.” LCD is a flat panel display technology and AMOLED is an ‘active-matrix organic light-emitting diode’. It adds a layer of semiconducting film behind the OLED panel which allows it to more quickly activate each pixel. LCD displays rely on a backlight as the sole light source, positioned from the side or back. When AMOLED displays are made up of a matrix of Organic LED (OLED) “pixels” which create light.

Difference between LCD and Amoled

Round 1: Contrast

LCD displays often look more dull and muted compared to AMOLED. Because they use a single screen-wide backlight, they cannot produce “true black”, but are capable of producing more realistic on-screen colours than AMOLED.
AMOLED displays can produce deeper blacks compared with LCD by switching off individual “pixel” lights. A black AMOLED screen pixels produce no light whatsoever, meaning you technically get an “infinite” contrast ratio.

Winner is AMOLED!

Round 2: Light Output

Because of its screen-wide backlight, screens using LCD display technology can be much brighter.
For the same reasons, current LCD screens also tend to have whiter whites.So LED have this advantage much brighter. Some disadvantage also
AMOLED cannot produce a full screen with as much brightness as LCD as its light is produced from individual pixels which lack the power of a screen-wide LCD backlight. These displays may also be hard to view in sunlight because of their rela­tive lack of brightness.


Round 3: Viewing Angles

A big downside of LCD screens is a change in picture quality if you’re viewing the screen from an angle. However, a lot of moder n LCD screens use IPS (in-plane switching) providing much better colour performance and dramatically improved angled viewing.
AMOLED enjoys good display performance even with off-centre viewing angles due to the fact that its light “pixels” are thin and close to the display surface – OLED panels also emit their own light, so aren’t prone to changes in picture quality when viewing angle changes

Winner is AMOLED!

Round 4: Energy Consumption

The display on phones or tablets tends to account for the vast majority of their power consumption. When LCD-based devices are on, the entire backlight is also on, so keeping brightness at the lowest acceptable level is essential to optimise battery life.
AMOLED pixels are responsible for producing light, so a black pixel is ‘off’, and doesn’t use any power.
However to make the most of this feature, apps must support displaying true black – anything else will activate the pixels and consume power.


Summary of this comparison

ContrastAMOLEDIndividual light pixels that can turn off for true black
LightLCDBrighter Light Output Due to Backlight
Viewing AnglesAMOLEDAMOLED light pixel thin and close to the screen surface
Energy UseAMOLEDBlack(Off)c Pixels don’t use any power

So here you can see AMOLED is clear winner but other side AMOLED price to high then LCD so phone with AMOLED price is little bit higher then LCD Display phone .


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