How to Detect Hidden Spy Application on Your Android -iOS phone

By | 2019-01-08

Hundreds of devices are hacked each day. Spy apps are placed on phones through devious means and they can steal information, monitor texts and even ruin your battery life if they stick around on your phone.

Sometimes this type hidden application record your audio-video and your browsing history .Some application record your online transaction record with your financial detail which is cause a huge loss on credit card Or your internet banking.

Here are a couple of signs that could indicate that your phone has a hidden spy application install

No-1: Battery Drain Fast
Battery Drain Fast

  • Has your battery been acting strange all of a sudden?
  • If your battery is draining much faster than usual over a short period of time, it could be an app that is running in the background.
  • Spy apps can drain the battery fairly quickly and will force you to charge your phone more often.
No-2 : Lots of Data Uses
Lots of Data Uses

    • If your data has been draining really quickly, then it could be because a spy app is sending and receiving data on your phone.
    • Make sure you monitor how much data you’re using.
    • If there are any weird inconsistencies or apps taking up more data than usual, it could be infected with spyware.
No-3: Slow Phone Process
Slow Phone Process 

  • Phones will usually get slower over time, but if your phone suddenly becomes sluggish then it could be a spy app.
  • Try restarting your phone first. If that doesn’t fix anything, look at the apps you’ve recently installed and consider removing some.
  • If that still doesn’t fix it, then it’s likely a spy app has made its way onto your phone and is causing your phone to slow down.
No-4 : Random Application Install Without Your concern
Random Application Install Without Your concern

  • If you’ve noticed that you’ve got new random apps on your phone, then it could be because of a spy app.
  • Some programs are bloatware added by phone carriers and manufacturers, but sometimes, malicious apps can be installed by spy apps.
  • Make sure you know what’s going on in your phone and uninstall any apps that you don’t use.
No-5:Wired message appeared on Screen
Wired message appeared on Screen

  • People often receive spam texts and messages, but if you’re getting them on a very regular basis then you should be concerned.
  • This is especially true if the messages you’re sending and receiving contain random letters and digits.
  • This is usually because the spy app has an error and is accidentally sending random bits of information.
No-6 : Website acting strange
Website acting strange

  • Websites sometimes go through changes, but if the website you usually visit suddenly has lots of ads and popups, then it could be a spy app infecting your phone.
  • Be careful where you enter your information because a fraudulent version of a website could be appearing in place of a legitimate one.
  • Spy apps act as a proxy to intercept information, and this could quite literally steal your information from under your nose.

How to secure phone from hidden-spy application ? 

If above mention symptom seen on your android OR ios device then you have must secured your phone as soon as possible .follow above step to secured secure phone from hidden-spy application.

  1. Consider backing up your data(such as photos and videos) then doing a factory reset
  2. Don’t install apps from unknown sources
  3. Be careful of third-party app stores and downloaders
  4. Avoid jailbreaking because it can open up vulnerabilities in your phone
  5. Never let your phone out of your sight
  6. Make sure your phone is protected with passwords, fingerprints and face unlocks
  7. Use trusted antivirus software
  8. Avoid connecting unknown wifi networks
  9. Don’t Share your phone with random stranger ,even if you think they’re nice people

So prevention is better than cure so  always keep your eye phone and monitor your phone daily. Some time this type of hidden application can create lots of problem. If you like this post then share with your friends on your social account like facebook,twitter and whatsapp group.

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