How to apply False Eyelashes | 8 step from Expert

By | 2019-01-11

Here is some secret Tips to show your beauty with your eye and eyelashes is one of them .we talk with many makeup artists to spill their best lash application tips. Read on to learn how to apply false eyelashes like a professional , plus 8 tips to keep your falsies looking fresh!

Step-1:Identify the right false eyelashes for your eye shape
How to apply False Eyelashes-1Depending on your eye-shape, ensure you select the correct size strip lashes. For example, if your eye shape is hooded, then a longer pair of false eyelashes may be a better fit for you. If you have a more rounded eye shape, then go for shorter lashes that provide much more volume
Step-2: Ensure a clean and well lit workspace
How to apply False Eyelashes-2Using a well lit room or a glamcor light will help to ensure that you’re handling the lashes correctly and will ensure your application of the eyelash glue will be seamless.
Step-3 Use tweezers to carefully peel the lashes from the tray
How to apply False Eyelashes-3It’s important that you pick up the lashes from the corner of the lash band and avoid picking it up from the actual eyelash itself as this will likely damage the eyelash before you’ve even had a chance to put them on. I know, it seems obvious, but sometimes the excitement can get to us all a little.
Step-4 : Get the length right
How to apply False Eyelashes-4Do the lashes fit the length of your eyes? This is sometimes overlooked. To ensure a perfect fit, hold the lash againsL your own eye with the inner (thin) corner of lash over the point where your lashes thicken. If the lash is longer than your eyelid, cut off the excess at the outside edge.
Step-5:Get the make up done
How to apply False Eyelashes-5Once you have your false lashes ready to be applied to your eyelid, add a layer of eyeliner and then a coat of mascara, as you would usually. Feel free to curl your natural eyelashes as well if you’re feeling that little bit ‘exLra’.
Step-6: Apply the eyelash glue
How to apply False Eyelashes-6Holding the lash with tweezers, apply just a thin layer of the glue along the lash band from end to end A small amount of the adhesive will be strong enough to ensure a long-lasting false eyelash. Then, wait just a few seconds until the adhesive becomes tacky. Do not apply the adhesive directly on the eyelid. The a hesive will dry out and the effectiveness of it will quickly diminish. You could also risk damaging your eyelid and eye.
Step-7: Apply the false eyelashes
How to apply False Eyelashes-7Using your tweezers, pinch the strip lash carefully in the centre and from the front. Carefully place the lash band directly on the skin just above your own natural lashes. Gently pull down the false eyelash from either end to get as close to your natural eyelashes as you can. Once you are happy with the positioning of the lash, then apply gentle pressure across the lash band for a few seconds until it sets. Finally, hold the corners of the lash for a few more seconds to secure a fit.
Step-8: Blend then blend again!
How to apply False Eyelashes-8Using mascara, lightly touch up the false eyelash to ensure that it blends in with your real lashes. You can also use eyeliner across the false lash band to give it a more natural and authentic look. Naturally, this is really apply as you see fit and no blending maybe required.

Finish the look

How to apply False Eyelashes 9Using your fingertips, carefully push against the lashes to encourage the curve. This will help to give them the look of a little more volume and spruce them up before the big night ahead.

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