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By | 2019-07-24 is a free email service provided by Microsoft Corporation with the main goals of sending and receiving emails. In 1996, it was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in Mountain View, California, and also was considered as the first free email service, which was created in the world. Microsoft acquired this famous brand in 1997 for $4oo million and named it as MSN Hotmail.

In October 2011, Microsoft launched the last version of Hotmail in 36 languages. hotmail is a platform known worldwide for its good example of organisation and the efficient way to send and receive emails, at the beginning what started with an internal email message, has become a global rise that has generated a lot of money for its investors and the programmers who participated in the event

This famous free email service was officially founded in 1996 symbolising a kind of “freedom” from ISP-based email and the possibility of accessing a user´s inbox from anywhere around the world. Creators chose the ¨Hotmail¨ brand name as one of many possibilities with the ending ¨-mail¨. By 1997, it was reported that Hotmail had more than 8.5 million subscribers.

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MSN Hotmail is a website and internet connection services and applications for Windows and Android devices, provided by Microsoft Corporation and launched in 1995. Simultaneously, the famous corporation launched a new website with the Microsoft Internet Start name, which was considered as the first default home page of its own browser, Internet Explorer.

Furthermore, Microsoft used the MSN brand name for many products and services for many years like Hotmail and others. The current portal web and some apps which MSN offered were introduced by Microsoft Corporation by 2014 as a very important part of a relaunch. Nowadays, MSN is based on international version of its website around the world. At the beginning it was only used for sending emails, although now we use it to log in to social networks, also finding many different uses to the emails of users.

In 2005, some of MSN´s services were relocated under a new brand name championed by Microsoft Corporation at that time, which was Windows Live. The corporation also overhauled its online software and many services thank to uneasy competition from other free email services like Yahoo! and Google. Windows Live services had used Web 2.0 technology to offer some new features and functionality. Transiting to

In July 2012, Outlook was initially introduced while its beta version was opened to the general public. The transition that was made from hotmail to outlook has been a change for good that has benefited all those who use it however, although the interface is different, the functions are not as clear as before. At the beginning was a radical change now is something very well accepted by hotmail users

In February 2013, preview stage was graduated by According to Microsoft Corporation, the deployment of the upgrade was on April 3, 2013. Retrieving an outlook account or moving to this domain is a simple task and it is not necessary to create a new account .By the same year, had registered 400 million active users. By next year, it continued to have the same number of active users.

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Outlook offers diverse solutions designed for day to day. It has unique storage and filter functions, we give users today the option to store or archive the mails easily through a single click, or they can even delete mails that they do not want in the same way.

We also know that today it is very important for our consumers to have on hand functionalities to work or edit, as well as entertainment. It is a mail service that integrates two worlds, and well, you can edit from an inbox a file or a document that we are also very aware that productivity is very important for our users.

Something additional that we believe is also very important is the whole security part, unlike other email services, Outlook has been very aware that productivity and information exchange, and it is very important that we protect the information, the data personal, the conversations that today are given through our service. Outlook concentrates a lot on this part.

Newest design of

The new designs include that you can customize emails with emoji and other sticker so it does not look so monotonous. There was also considered as an introduction of 5th component of, Photos Hub. Many people were disagree with these new changes, but later they are so happy with a lot of benefits the now have.

In October 2017, the new “ Premium” subscription service was announced by Microsoft, which offer some interesting features like a more expanded storage and elimination of adds from your personal interface. These features were made available to Office 365 subscribers, and Microsoft announced it would not accept new subscriptions to Premium. However, existing Premium subscribers can renew their still existing.

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Security and privacy: Outlook promised to respect users´ personal information, more precisely targeting Gmail’s privacy practices. Outlook is a brand that today is part of a productivity suite. It is a brand that is already well established and that in the end also shows a component of these two worlds, today the line between a user who only uses a service for their entertainment versus a user who uses it more in a work environment is getting thinner

Active view: this tool allows users to interact with content and within their email messages. Any photo you attach can be previewed without any problem using Active View. Furthermore, a partner platform provided by allows content and functionality from many web portals and services like Yahoo!, Linkedin, and the United States Portal Service to be viewed within the email message.

Calendar: in 2008, Microsoft Corporation launched Outlook’s time-management web application like Windows Live Calendar and was also updated to the “Wave 4” release in 2010. In addition, it was updated with Microsoft’s Metro design in 2013. I think outlook and its tools like the calendar is a very powerful brand and we know that these functionalities are very important for someone who is making use of a mail service.

hotmail login account integrates with Office Online with the main goals of viewing and editing of Excel, Microsoft, and PowerPoint documents attached to your email messages. Users also can open attached Office documents and reply to the sender with the newest version of the same document.

Furthermore, users can also send up to 25 MB of Office documents with the use of by uploading these documents onto OneDrive, and then share the same documents with other users. If that is little, you can also save your documents to OneDrive.

hotmail create account offers a very interesting application consisting in a ¨virtual broom¨ which allow you to delete or move enormous numbers of emails and documents into specific folders based on the sender´s personal information. When a ¨sweep¨ is performed, you can choose to configure  to remember the sweep settings and perform or delete actions for future email messages. Furthermore, users may also set up custom message rules.

In addition, there is an option to delete and move email messages that have a specific number of days, or just keep the newest messages from a specific sender. It is a very useful and innovate tool for those who have an obsession with the order in this part of their lives.


Users may create additional email addresses known as aliases for their Microsoft accounts. In 2013, users may now sign in with any alias and perform up to 10 new aliases each year resulting in up to 10 addresses. For a specific account, all aliases have the same box, contact lists, and account settings as the main address.

While an alias is set up, users have to choose to have all email sent to that address go to the inbox. Emails which have al alias in common, do not reveal to recipients that they were originated an account with other addresses.

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Client applications for Android and iOS were released by Microsoft Corporation for allowing you to access their inboxes and send some new messages. These applications were known as Acompli, were sold to Microsoft Corporation in 2014, and were renamed as Outlook Mobile next year. 

As you can see, you can use Hotmail, MSN,, and so on, without any problem with a mobile device. It is so impressive how technology allows us to merge the old and new things for making your life easier and happier. Everyone has a mobile phone near them, so it is completely logic that the world-famous brand as Microsoft and Yahoo! take into consideration this modernity. If they do not adapt to new times, people will begin to consider them as antiquate, boring, and old-fashioned.

Changes are not bad. Hotmail´s improvement when it became proves that changes are the best way to live and improve. People are quickly changing, so famous brands have to do the same thing.

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Microsoft Outlook is an online e-mail service that basically allows users to send and receive e-mails on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. The main uses of this online tool are to store, to send, and to receive e-mails, but Microsoft Outlook is used for both e-mails and management of personal information with features like contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes which are located into this software.

This powerful tool can be also defined as a personal information manager from Microsoft Corporation, which is an important part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is also a stand alone application like shared mailboxes and calendars, SharePoint lists, meeting schedules, and Exchange public folders.

Apart from that, Microsoft Corporation has launched mobile applications for mobile platforms like IOS and Android. The best part of Microsoft launching the mobile application is that it could easily synchronize both accounts, even if it was one on the computer and another on the phone.

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Hotmail (the later known as Outlook) was launched by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith and was one of first email services on the internet along with Yahoo. In July 4, 1996 it was officially launched symbolizing freedom from ISP-based email and the possibility to access an inbox from anywhere. Creators chose the name ¨Hotmail¨ as of many options which ended with ¨-mail¨ and included the letters HTML. Initially, its limit for free storage was 2 MB. By 1997, it reported more than 8.5 million subscribers around the world.

In December 1997, Hotmail was sold to Microsoft for $400 million, and it also joined the MSN services. After this, it was a matter of time for the platform to grow in a huge way, having a global positioning with 30 million active members.


Apart from that, there is a project to move Hotmail to Windows 2000. In 2002, Hotmail still had its structure on UNIX servers with the front-end converted to Windows 2000 because the DNS functions were still reliant on FreeBDS.

In 1999, an important group of hackers found a security flaw in Hotmail that allowed anybody to log into any account just using the password ¨ehh.¨ later, it will be known as “the most widespread security incident in the history of the Web.” In 2001, there was another security incident caused by computer hackers who found that anyone can log into their account and pull messages from any other account by crafting a URL with the username of the second one and a valid massage number. signin

In November 1, 2005, Microsoft announced its new system called Kahuna and its beta version. This new service was created from scratch and remarked three very important concepts which had to be taken into consideration: ¨faster, simpler, and safer.¨ The number of beta testers was impressive and incredible for creators who did not think this tool would be so successful and popular. Usually the best ideas began to be taken as incredible and unrealizable.

Microsoft also announced that the brand Hotmail would be eliminated and the new mail system would be named Windows Live Mail, but users were completely disagreeing with this idea. They thank this name will be confusing for them, so Microsoft decided to choose the name Windows Live Hotmail. This idea had proved to be the best for this world-famous brand. A simple name can make a very big difference.

Transition from Hotmail to Outlook

On July 2012, Outlook was introduced when the general public were allowed to access to its beta version. Old Hotmail customers could conserve their old version of Outlook without any problem. Besides this, you can have both options in terms of domains, it can be a hotmail or outlook, for both domains the operation of the email is the same. After this, users continued to increase because Microsoft made some positive changes that conserved people´s confidence.



Differences between Hotmail and Outlook

The main difference between Hotmail and Outlook is that the second one is a more new version of the first one. In addition Outlook is allowed to performas a domain name like a desktop email client, but Hotmail is just a domain name lead by Microsoft Corporation. We have to remain that Microsoft acquired Hotmail in 2011.

          Email had become in a very important part of our daily lives. We access your personal emails through both a website interface and a desktop email client. These online tools are so necessary to make a good use of your email account in this time. An email client which is used as a cooperate environment is Outlook. Every version is better than the preview one with same Hotmail´s features but newer and better.

          Another important difference between them is that Outlook was Microsoft Corporation´s original email service, but Hotmail was founded by founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith and then acquired by Microsoft Corporation. Differences are not radical because one is just a newer version of the other one.

New infrastructure

In 2015, Microsoft Corporation announced it would move the service to Office 365-based infrastructure. This decision was followed by others like the creation of new calendar layout options, a service called “Clutter” and other theme designs. Apart from that, Microsoft introduced the possibility to for third-party providers like PayPal or Evernote.  It is very difficult to make a list of new infrastructures because Microsoft changes everything in the twinkling of an eye, so you should keep an eye open.

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One of its features is security and privacy. had guaranteed that it will respect users´ privacy. It does not scan e-mails or attachments for advertisements and personal conversations do not include them.

In March 2014, former Microsoft employee called Alex Kibkalo was arrested for leaking of Microsoft´ trade secrets, so Microsoft´ image was damaged thanks to access the email inbox of his French accomplice. This was criticized by those who claimed privacy laws were not respected as Microsoft promised to its users.

Windows Live Calendar

Outlook offers an application called Calendar. It was released on January 4, 2008 as time Windows Live Calendar. Its features are very similar to desktop calendar applications like already mentioned Windows Calendar, and supports iCalendar files for those who are interested in importing calendar entries into their calendars. It works with Ajax technology which allows to view, to add and to drag-and-drop calendar events from one date to another without any problem.

It also has aliases. Users have the possibility to create additional, unique e-mail address known as aliases for their Microsoft accounts. Now, they can sign in their accounts with alias and create more than 10 aliases for year for more than 10 e-mail addresses. In addition, emails sent by an alias do not reveal to the receiver that they came from an account with many addresses. It is very useful for those who want to conserve their privacy.

Mobile applications

Microsoft Corporation released some client applications for OIS and Android which allow users to get access their inboxes, send and receive new messages. These apps were known as Acompli. This application was acquired by Microsoft Corporation in December 2004 and later renamed as Outlook mobile with the same features. At this time, it is very easy to download all application on your mobile device without any problem. You just have to find a device, follow the instructions, and that is all.

How to set up email using Android native app

This process is so simple, but you have to follow the instructions very well. If you do not have the app on your Android device, install the Microsoft Outlook app from the Google Play Store, and access it. When the app is open, look very well and you avoid any incident. Enter your email address and tap the button Continue, then you will see the GoDaddy log on the screen. Finally, tag Sign. As you read, it is very simple to access to your email using your Android device. Just find a device and follow the instructions.

How do I set up Outlook on my Android?

This process is very easy. You just have to configure your device: tap on the system Settings icon, tap Accounts & sync (Accounts for some devices), tap Add, tap Exchange ActiveSync (Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync on some devices), enter your username and password, and finally tap Manual Setup. It is so simple to set up Outlook in your Android device, so you do not have to complicate your life. Follow correctly the instructions and that is all.


Is Microsoft Outlook free for Android?

The most recent Outlook mail and calendar apps for Windows Phone is destined to be very similar to Outlook for Android and IOS apps, even the Windows Phone versions are not lead by the Acompli code base as come users tend to think. Outlook for Android is absolutely free, so you can download and use it without any problem.

Knowing that the wide use of smartphones is increasing everyday, brands as Outlook and Yahoo have to adapt to the new times. If they do not, they will be perceived as obsolete by the general public.



Evolution of hotmail

Hotmail was created in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith as one of the first web services for mail and was sold to Microsoft in 1997 where it was rebranded as MSN Hotmail few years later, and thanks to Microsoft it grew in popularity around the world because they decided to synch the user accounts to the messenger chat and allowed the used to message others users through messenger.

Security problems and competition

As it continue to grow in popularity there was a discovery of a security flaw in the system that was called “the most widespread security incident in the history of the web” that allowed any hackers to get into any Hotmail account using a simple password.

Later the site was compromise again in 2001 where another flaw was discovered that made it possible for people to pull messages from any Hotmail account with the second account’s username and a valid message number and since various newspapers and websites published the description of this very simple attack it made it exponentially easier for hackers to take advantage of this.



With the importance given to data and storage pace, Google couldn’t let this opportunity go so they created their own electronic messaging service called Gmail, using the same strategy that it was used for MSN Hotmail, you needed a Gmail account for any other service Google provided, like using Youtube, Google Play later on an account on Google Play.

From Hotmail to Outlook

A year after the birth of Gmail, a beta version of Microsoft’s new email system was introduced, without no proper name, to a few thousand people to try and approve, this new version emphasised three things velocity, simplicity and security. Every time there was a new upgrade in the beta version the tester group kept on growing till it reached millions.

Finally in 2007 Windows Live Hotmail was released to the public as millions of MSN Hotmail accounts around the world were given access this system, the old MSN interface was and will only be accessible to the users who had an account before the Windows Live Hotmail release and never didn’t choose to upgrade to this new service.

Increase the capacity

And it was kept that way until the end of the same year where the MSN version was completely out. And from this year on it kept being upgraded and getting more and more new features with things like new themes and anything that could make your experience a bit more organized and as always it made it a priority the speed of the log in, inbox sweeping, and also had a 10 GB space for any kind of document or attachment you wanted to include in a message.

Microsoft wouldn’t let Google lead this market so with the arrival of Skype they synch it up with Skype so the only way to have a Skype account would be the use your Hotmail account, the new version of Hotmail – now in its beta version called, Outlook – that was first introduce in 2012 and allowing Hotmail users to update to the preview version and downgrade back.

Change everything

A move from Hotmail to Outlook was announced in 2012 and after the move was completed this platform – which was being used by more than four hundred million accounts – Microsoft made it comfortable for Hotmail users so they wouldn’t notice much of a difference with this change. The major difference was that instead of typing you had to type but you didn’t need to claim the outlook email address if they didn’t want to do it.

By 2014 Outlook continued with its usual four hundred million active users. In the following year, the changes kept coming to the service with what was described as an Office 365 infrastructure and other feature like new calendar options, and new theme designs. It also allowed providers of Outlook to include adds in the service, and things like contact suggestions and updates from emails that included subjects like flight reservations (all this was introduced in 2016).

Features added

Some of the features added to this were:

  • To compete with Gmail and other services outlook does not scan attachments in emails for advertising information and personal conversations does not include any kind of ads.
  • It includes a calendar application for you to be able to organize yourself and keep track of whatever you need to without worrying in about forgetting it. Also multiple calendars can be created and shared to other users, and the events are stored online so you can see them any place you like.
  • Along with the calendar app it also includes a to-do list function so you can be reminded of everything you need to do.
  • Like I’ve previously said it also allows users to make Skype from your Outlook account.
  • It also links other Microsoft services like Word, or Excel and Powerpoint so you are able to view them and editing this documents and if you want to save them you can do it in their OneDrive.
  • Users can also create unique email addresses for their Microsoft account (you can create up until 10 of these addresses for this aliases and all of them use the same inbox) all with the same password, contact list, and setting as the primary one.
  • There is the Sweep feature that allows all uses to delete or move any emails to a specific folder entirely based on the sender’s information. You can also make Outlook remember this setting and make it perform this same action with any future email from this other user.
  • You can also filter your inbox by documents, updates, based on if it was read or not.
  • Contacts are updated all the time, and you can create an address book and see the other users social media, but you can also limit what other people can see of your profile.


Personalize your email

Right now there is a beta version which started around August of 2017 and it includes things like popular GIFs and more emojis that you can include in your emails and also a search interface to find more of these.

This is possibly the third design upgrade by Outlook since it was launched in 2012 and you had the ability to choose whether or not you wanted to try it out, most of the changes are very subtle like the search interface no longer being at the top of the inbox but on the side, there is an improve conversation view and you can read any attached file a lot faster than before.

You can also tag people as favorites so it is easier for you to find them inside your inbox. It is also previews files and photos attached to your conversations so you can find any of your emails with attachments easier if you’re looking for them.

2017 and further updates

During a conference in late 2017 Microsoft announced that they were working on a big redesigned for Outlook which their goals (as most of the changes they’ve made have been) are to make it easier for users to use this interface, but this time specifically for Mac and Windows versions. These changes are said to be very similar to the Outlook app for iOS with a single line ribbon and a small set of default commands this way reducing any complexity to this engine, and making it easier for people to go through this app.

The new design its very customizable and lets the users control which buttons are available so you can manage your own common tasks, and gives the users quicker and smoother access to the folders through multiple account, and it also makes it look a bit more aesthetically pleasing for you.

Mac Vs Microsoft

It is no secret that Mac has some of the most popular devices so it is clear why Microsoft seems to be making most of these new changes in the design for Mac devices since the most influential people (aka those who own and use the devices) are Mac buyers so they try to improve their experience by making it easier to search, and improving already included features like the calendar with fly-outs of information and a better managements of appointments.

It’s still not clear when will this design be available, it is expected that Microsoft is already testing this new and improved features for the new version with things like sliding on a trackpad to delete messages and the ability to insert tables into emails for Mac and Windows, and it is entirely possible that once this designs are perfected they will only be made available to Office 365 users and then included to the Office 2019 updates.

At the end of the day most of this changes will be to make Outlook run smoother and for them to continue to innovate in everything they do as always and make it easier for regular users and those who are only getting this account now, and they will continue to improve and add new features based on the feedback of the public.

How to recover my hotmail log in

Hotmail was created in 1996 by Sebastian Bhatia and Jack Smith where it thrived until 1997 when it was sold to Microsoft where it was rebranded as MSN Hotmail where it kept growing and growing in popularity around the world and it kept being rebranded for a few years until 2011 when the final version of Hotmail was released and then in 2013 was completely replaced by Outlook.

Hotmail account problem

Once this was announced a lot of people online where understandably freaked out by this decision since they had been used to their Hotmail account for so long but some of this fears where a little bit calmed when they said this:

  • It was not necessary to change your user ID, you could still have your Hotmail account once you logged in the outlook web app.
  • You don’t need to type instead of either way you would be redirected to your own inbox without a problem.
  • And for some time the move from Hotmail to the outlook web app was not obligatory.

Once the move was made permanent to Outlook you could still use your old Hotmail account without having to change your ID, you can choose to change your mail from Hotmail to @outlook but it is not necessary to do so.

Problems with your Hotmail log in

A lot of people have had some problems when logging in to outlook now, and unless your account has been removed there is no reason for this Hotmail log in problem to have anything to do with the fact that it is still a Hotmail account even though you have to enter through the outlook web app.

So if you’re having some trouble signing in to your account there could be a couple of different reasons for that, most of them are simple things like maybe you can’t remember your password correctly, are using a new device or are travelling, or perhaps you had recently activated the two-step verification feature, which might be making it a little bit more difficult for you to get in now.

Have a solution

So I am here to tell some of the things you can do that might help you resolve this problem as quickly as possible. As always you should start with the easiest and the most usual option:

  • If you think you’re a writing your password perfectly but it’s still not working makes sure that Caps Lock is turned off that that you spelled your Hotmail account correctly.
  • Try to signing into your account from another device or clean your browser history.

If these don’t really help your account might be block so you’ll have to try and reset your password to get into your account. You can do this by simply clicking on the can’t access your account link under the Hotmail log in and then select “I forgot my password” and under it will appear “Reset your password” and then enter your Hotmail ID and the complete the Captcha that the page will show you and click on next.

Other solution can be…

If you can’t answer the security questions click on “I can’t use any of these options.” So then you’ll have to enter you alternative email account where it says “contact email address” and when the account info page appears you just need to fill out all the details regarding your account and click on “Submit”

If when you created your account you submitted your secret question and you still remember the security question you had you will not need to follow any of this steps once you get to the security questions if you answer correctly you will immediately recover your account but in just to be safe you should change the password once you get in for one you are most likely to remember so this cannot happen again and you won’t lose any of the important information or documents that might be in there.

Compromised account

If nothing that we’ve previously said has helped you there could be a possibility that your account has been compromised, this means that someone else might be using your account to access your information or send spam.

This might be dangerous if you have services like HealthVault for your data, usually when an account has been compromised Outlook will send you a notification about any suspicious activity but if you suspect it is happening and haven’t received any you can check your activity to see if you notice any new activity in the account that was not made by you in the past days or months.

A good password

If you think your account has been hacked but you don’t know your account has been blocked, which can be really frustrating but Outlook by using this tool all it is doing this is because is trying to protect your information and other people from spam mail and online fraud in the most extreme cases.

But If you have not been blocked you could try and sign in and if you manage to sign in successfully to your Hotmail account you should immediately change your password by going to the Security page and select Change password and follow the instructions there.

Problems with the password

If you tried to but weren’t able to sign in into your account it means that your password might have been changed by however is using your email account so you should go to the Hotmail sign in page, and then click on I think someone else is using my account and follow the instructions that will be shown there to recover and get back into your account.

This account recovery works by asking you questions that only you would know the answer to and within twenty four hours you will receive a respond with either a denial or the instructions to get back in your account. You should follow these tips to help you recover it successfully:

  • You should always use a computer you’ve already sign in your account before.
  • Try and answer all the questions you can. It’s completely ok if you can’t answer all of them but it’s always better to try and guess something than to leave it completely blank.
  • You’ll have to put a different email so outlook can contact you. It doesn’t have to be your own, you can use a friend’s account or create a new one only to receive this information but you’ll need some kind of account for you to be able to receive the result of your recovery request.

Meet the setting icon

If you manage to get recover your account you will want to make sure whoever was using your account didn’t use all your data or change the setting. Sometimes this people can make backdoors into your Microsoft account so they can still see the changes you’ve made so you have to click on the settings icon, then click Options, see all the information and check for any information that might have been added that might seem unrecognizable to you.

If you did all of this but your request was still denied, you can try at least two times a day but if you can’t remember enough information to granted the chance to successfully recover your account, you’ll have to create a new one since your account will stay blocked.


Do’s and Don’ts

Just like with any other account whether its email or anything else you if you have to start another account or just feel the need to change the password of it after its been compromised, the most important thing is for you to get a strong password, something that people can’t just simply guess like your or some of your family’s birthday, a band or actress that you like because once they get into your email account they can easily reset the password for any other of your accounts, like banks or online shopping.

Once you change it you should make it something completely different than the previous password, and you should never use the same password for two different accounts because if they get one they might have access to any other account you have with the same password. Don’t use a single word for your password, use a sentence or phrase, or simply use the initials or incorporate some numbers and symbols in the middle of it.

Recognize a fake email

If you ever get an email asking for your password, or any other kind of personal information, even if it says it’s for security issues you should never reply to any of those outlook will never ask you to reveal any of this information, you can easily see if it’s a fake email if you see things like grammar errors and they usually says things like if you don’t respond that email your account could be permanently blocked and that’s not how it usually works.

Like we’ve previously said you should check your activity for anything suspicious and keep up to date your security info on the Security basics page. So outlook will know how to notify you if there is a sign of any suspicious activity on your account.

Is Outlook the new Hotmail

The history of Outlook starts back in California in 1996 where it was created by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith but was by the name Hotmail and it had around 400 million users around the world during the first year is was created as it kept on growing it caught the attention of Microsoft who purchased it in 1997 and was rebranded as MSN Hotmail.

The years went by and as the competition grew Hotmail kept on changing and improving from MSN Hotmail to Windows Live until it made the most radical change by moving from Hotmail to the new and improve Outlook that we know of today.

So the move meant an attempt to redefine the concept of email and is a way to officially challenge other companies who also have their own email system like Gmail.

More space

Even with this changes you don’t need to completely forget about your old Hotmail account it won’t be completely useless and you will still get this new upgrade even if you don’t wish to change to an outlook account, you can even still create a new Hotmail account in the outlook web app if you want to and still get the benefits this new look and what features will include.

One of the biggest changes and also one of the best received was the inclusion of Office web applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint and you can see and edit when they are sent to your inbox with the same kind of quality you would have in the Desktop office version, and not only can you open them and attach them from you navigator and saved them into your OneDrive, you can also edit them and respond the person who sent it to you the new edited version of the document.

And you can also send up to twenty five GB of office documents.

The new features

This new era of Hotmail will not only make it easier and more efficient for you to use your Hotmail or outlook account but it will also make it look neater and smoother with things like:

Ads are no longer get in the way. You can completely remove the ads if you wish to do if you decide to pay for the premium upgrade that it is at least 9.99 dollars a month but at the end it is not completely necessary because you will barely notice the ads now. You can even choose the topics for the ads or simple choose random ads because you will barely even see them now.

There will be side by side views where you can see the attachments in the email and also reply it as you see it. It’s very easy to organize your message with the new filtering system since lets you categorize all your messages without putting them in different folders if that is too confusing to you by simple mark them as unread, flag them, or even delete them.

If someone you know sends you an email with the link to a youtube video or a picture you don’t have to download them to view them anymore, now you can simply view them in the email itself and check if you want to download it or not. It’s also linked now to a lot of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so you can find other contacts from there you can add and even see their picture on their email.

Meet the options

You can not only see the videos sent to you from the email itself, you can also easily cut and paste easy images directly to an email you will send to anyone you like. There will also be an option where you can find popular emojis and GIFs so you can send silly messages to your friends. It will also be made easier to use the cloud sharing from OneDrive.

There is also the ‘sweep’ option that lets users to move or completely delete your emails of messages in large numbers to specific folders based on the information of the sender. And you could change the settings so you can make all of the messages from a certain user be sent to a specific folder for as long as you want to. There is also an option to delete or move certain messages after they’ve been in your inbox for a certain amount of days or to delete everything but the last message they sent you.

Users will also be able to create up to at least 10 unique email dresses for their account this accounts are called “Aliases”, which once they are all set up so you can choose so any mail that are sent to any of those accounts are sent to you inbox or the folder of your choice.

Outlook doesn’t have limits

And also the new design is very minimal but very beautiful because of how clean it looks, and the white color is very easy on the eyes and lets you read the emails in an more comfortable way, the only color you can see is on the title bar and you can choose a different color if you don’t like the blue it originally comes with.

There is a clutter option to manage your inbox in a more efficient way. There are at least 13 new themes so you can express your personality for all your contacts to see

2017 upgrades

In a conference in late 2017 it was announced by Microsoft that they are working on big changes in both design and interface for Outlook which by what they hope to just like with any other update they have made before is to make it easier for people to use and understand their interface, but this time their goal is to gain more users from Mac and Windows users (since there is no mistake in saying that they are leading this technological market).

The changes are rumored to be incredibly similar to the Outlook app for iOS with things like the single line ribbon and the small set of default commands like this making it easier for those who are not exactly computer savvy to go through this app without any kind of trouble.


Mac with Microsoft

Another perk of this possible changes is the fact that design will be very customizable so the users can choose which buttons are available so one can manage their own tasks by making it easier and to access the folders through multiple accounts and since you get to customize it the way you want it to you can also make it as aesthetically pleasing as you want it to be.

The principal reason why Microsoft could be making this changes for only Mac products is because we all know that these are the most popular devices around the world since the most influential people use these devices which might prompt other people to buy them so they are trying to improve the experience by making it easier and improving things like the search, and the calendar with fly-outs of information and a the ability to manage your appointments a little bit more neatly.

You still have your Hotmail account

It’s still unknown when this design will be available, but what we already know is the fact that Microsoft has been testing all new and improved featured like the ability to insert tables into emails or the fact that you might be able to slide on a trackpad to delete messages. And it’s completely possible that once everything is perfected then it will only be made available to Office 365 used and then it will be included to the Office 2019.

After all of this information you’ve seen today what we can really see if the fact that whether you refer to it as Outlook or you still have your Hotmail account log in all, whether you’ve been here from its beginnings in 1996 or you opened an account yesterday is the fact that Outlook is constantly looking for innovation and it is clear to see through the countless upgrades and updates they’ve had both small like the Skype additions to the big ones like the move to Outlook.

People think

As always it seems it will continue to change for the better with a smoother, cleaner, neater and quicker process and will continue to add or remove features with every account update to your account since they’ve always been responsive to the public response since they don’t seem to be focused on the fact that you have to use it because they need you to use it.

They are focused on the fact that they know that to be able to thrive they need to listen to every current user and possible customer that may come their way that’s why their updates, especially the small ones are so frequent once they hear what the people think about at least one feature in particular test it out and see if people like it will stay permanently or be removed completely once it is deemed unnecessary.


Remembering the Hotmail login page

Hotmail is one of the most world-famous free online email tools, which was created by Microsoft. Users can access it from any web browser they want with Internet connection, username, and password. As we all know, this name was changed.

In 2012, this online service was renamed to, by the same, the URL redirects to the page for all Microsoft accounts like Store, MSN, Skype, and so on. It is very difficult to find people without an Outlook account because e-mails are necessary for many uses and Hotmail is the most famous e-mail service.

          In 1996, Hotmail was created and was considered as the first free online e-mail service. It was created by Saaber Bhatia and Jack Smith, who originally called it HoTMaiL emphasizing HTML. Some years later, in 2012, Microsoft acquired it and renamed

The beginning

When it started to work, it offered features like spam filters and enhanced virus scanning. After Microsoft’s acquisition, Hotmail also provided to users a calendar and an address book to save contact lists. Apart from that, users had the option to pay a subscription fee to upgrade their account. In February 2013, Microsoft said that it would eliminate the Hotmail brand and start to move more than 300 millions of accounts to the new brand.

This announcement worried many users because there were many rumors about the supposed deletion of accounts, but Microsoft made clear that all e-mail addresses would remain the same, just with the new Outlook interface.


Windows Live Hotmail

In November 2005, Microsoft announced its new email system under the codename Kahuna and its beta version. This new service was created from scratch and remarked three main concepts of being ¨faster, simpler, and safer.¨ new version of the beta service were contently changing and improving. In 2006, there are millions of beta testers. Its popularity was obvious and indisputable.

When Microsoft announced that the new mail system would be called Windows Live Mail, the Hotmail brand was planned to become gradually blurred. But the creators retreated because beta testers ere confused with the new name and prefer the old Hotmail name. So, they chose the Windows Live Hotmail name. In 2007, the old MSN Hotmail interface was allowed to users who registered before the Windows Live Hotmail release date and did not want to use the new service.

In 2011, Microsoft created several features for Hotmail like aliases, and speed improvements. This year, it ¨re-invented Hotmail¨ with new tools for sending personal email or for coworkers.

Transition to Outlook

In July 2012, Outlook was released and the general public was provided with its beta version. In addition, Hotmail customers who still existed could upgrade to the old version of and downgrade back without any problem.

Apart from that, users had the possibility to keep their existing Hotmail accounts and the option of having an email address. In 2014, Outlook had 400 millions registered users. It continued to be an amazing number of users around the world.

What is Microsoft Outlook ?

Microsoft Outlook is basically a software who allows users to send and receive e-mails on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. It is used for e-mails and managing personal information. Its main uses are to store, to receive, and to send e-mails. As I said before, it is also used as a management of personal information with tools like calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, and son on. It is he same Hotmail with more useful features.

Outlook is also an exchange server that allows multiple users in some large organizations. For example, there is additional software that helps Outlook to integrate with mobile devices like Blackberry or Samsung. Apart, Outlook comes with some interesting features such as Inbox, Outbox, Delete Items and others which make this online tool more useful.

The Outlook interface is very easy to use and learn due to its familiarity. There is many features you can use, but you will not have any problem if you are familiar with de use of Microsoft Office. It can also support millions of e-mail accounts thanks to protocols like POP3 and IMAP. And it that was little, it comes with enhanced security features junk mail filtering.


Differences between Hotmail and Outlook

          The mean difference between Hotmail and Outlook is that Outlook is that the second one is just a newer version of the first one. In addition, Outlook allows to users to perform as a domain name as well as a desktop e-mail client. By contrast, Hotmail is just a domain name lead by Microsoft.

Another difference is that Outlook was Microsoft Corporation original e-mail client service, but Hotmail was founded by Bhatia and Smith and later acquired by Microsoft Corporation. Outlook is the same service, but much better.

As you see, differences between Outlook and Hotmail are minimal. Of course, if Hotmail would be acquired by other hands, it makes sense that some features and functions would change, but not radically. Even some of them improved and welcomed to users.

Some features of Hotmail you need to know

Hotmail allows you to view, edit, and share Office documents. Now, you have the possibility to access free Microsoft office web apps to view, edit and share Office documents without any problem. You just need to email any PowerPoint presentation or document to yourself. Following this, you can open your document whatever you want, anywhere. You can do it because the document is in Hotmail cloud, even if it is a presentation, you edit it.

Hotmail also offers real tome document collaboration. If you and someone else want to work in a document at the same time, you can do it thank to the new Hotmail. You just have to click on the file, which is on the SkyDrive to view it online. While you edit the file, you can see the number of persons who are doing the same at the button right hand corner. Even you can instantly see the changer they made.

You can also edit and reply. Imagine someone send you a document which have to be edited and sent back. Later, you normally have to download it on your computer, to make changes that are required, to attach it again, and send back to sender. As we know, this process is boring and time consuming. The new Hotmail allows you to edit your document online. Before the edition, it copies the document in your Windows Live SkyDrive account without affecting its format.

2017 redesign of Hotmail

          Hotmail to be such an advanced platform, in the last year decided to redesign it so as not to be left behind, adding emojis or stickers to personalize or give a personal touch, and also you can add whatever you want. There is another component known as Photos Hub.

In October of the same year, Microsoft announced the launch of ¨ Premium¨ subscription service which offers to users some interesting features like expanded storage and removal of ads. These features were available to Office 365 subscribers and Microsoft will not accept more subscriptions to this new tool.

What about the most important web browsers uses Ajax programming techniques and supports newest version of web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. But Outlook is not the only one; so many other major webmail services use the same techniques and support all these versions. Some of Outlook´s features include keyboard controls which allow to navigate around the page without the mouse, and to search messages.

Office Online Integration

Office Online Integration is a very new tool which allows to view and to edit of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files that are included in an e-mail message. So, users can open Office documents within the web browser, and copy them into their OneDrive. And if that is little, users can edit received Office documents, and reply to the sender with the new version of the same documents.

Reasons why some people do not like Hotmail

Hotmail´s attachment size limit must be larger. Many e-mail services offer between 20 and 100 MB for free, the free version of Hotmail just offer 10MB. Even the paying version offers only 20 MB. Worst of all, 10 MB is the limit for all attachments together, not just for one. Can you imagine that? This can led to complications if you have a very recent device. You will not be able to send the documents you need.

Hotmail spams your outgoing e-mails. Hotmail injects ads inside your outgoing e-mails before sending, which is so disgusting for many people. You may or may not want advertise Hotmail and other Windows Live services to your contacts, but that is not your choice. Yahoo Mail stooped this stupid practice long ago and Gmail does not do it, but Hotmail is still doing that without taking into consideration users´ opinions.

In addition, Hotmail deletes your emails. Sometimes, Hotmail does not deliver emails, blacklist entire domains, delete attachments and filter spam aggressively. If these emails were important, I am so sorry.

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