Are you exploring the web for the best iOS Emulator for Windows? If so, you have landed at the right place. If you are an iOS user then, you might be aware of the benefit of accessing iOS emulator. Usually, the Windows users don’t have the facility to run iPhone apps and games on Windows devices. In such a case, the iOS emulator comes into the picture. If iOS apps don’t function on Windows devices then, it becomes difficult to transfer the data. For those who are facing such issues can check out this post. We have included a detailed guide regarding the top 12 best iOS emulators for Windows PC 2019 here. Have a look!

What is an iOS Emulator?

Prior heading towards finding the best iOS emulator, let’s just understand about the meaning of iOS emulator. In fact, an emulator is a virtual software that generates a unique environment of the operating system on some other platform. IPhone Emulator or iOS emulator generates the similar virtual environment for various apps and games. Once you install iOS emulator on Windows PC, it builds a new environment on Windows devices. This way, the users can easily access and run various iOS apps on Windows computer or Laptop.

iOS Emulator – Advantages

One can witness abundant benefits and advantages while accessing iOS emulator on Windows device. The app developers can easily test their newly designed apps and games with the help of iOS emulators. Through an emulator, the users can run apps on one or more platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac and iOS. The iOS emulators are absolutely available for free of cost. Moreover, these emulators enable the users to run various iPhone apps and games on Windows PC for free.and check login page

12 Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC


  1. MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio is one of the best iOS emulator for Windows PC that permits the users to function several iPhone games and apps on Windows devices. MOBIONE-STUDIO

The software functions precisely on different cross-platform mobile apps on Windows device. The apps of MobiOne Studio are developed on HTML 5 hybrid app model via an open source framework. MobiOne Studio delivers an enhanced support to the developers. This software is much easy to use even for the beginners. Usually, people access this software to share apps, web app links through the email and more.


  1. iPadian

iPadian is the best among innumerable iPad emulators for Windows. It provides an excellent experience for all the users whilst accessing it on Windows devices. Through this emulator, the users can access some of the iPhone features on Windows that include TVOS, Siri, WatchOS, iMessage and more. The user interface of iPadian is pretty similar to the iOS devices. We get a feeling as if we are using an iOS device instead of an emulator. iPadian provides a user-friendly user interface to all the users. The users don’t need to pay a single penny to access iPadian emulator on Windows device. This emulator is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS.


  1. Smartface

Smartface is another best iOS emulator for Windows computer. It is accessible on different versions of the Windows operating system. This iOS emulator provides a slew of helpful features to all the users of Windows platform. The Smartface software is a mobility management platform that reduces the cost and provides the best outcome. It eventually eradicates the dependence and renders the best mobility solutions in a less span of time. It has the ability to offer complete debugging options for various iOS apps. This helps the users to function various apps on iOS platform with much ease. Another excellent feature on Smartface iOS Emulator is to provide support for plugins so as to expand its apps comprising of JavaScript and more.


  1. Appetize.IO

Appetize.IO is the best online iPhone emulator available for Windows PC. This emulator enables the users to function various iOS apps on Windows device. It acts as a testing tool for various apps provided only if you are a developer. Using the free live iOS demo version, the users can make use of additional features available in the in-store.


  1. App.IO Emulator

App.IO Emulator is another best iPhone emulator available for all the Windows PC users. It allows the users to run different iOS apps on Windows device for free. It has a simple to use user interface that allows you run copious apps. The users can easily sync the iOS app pack via This iPad emulator for PC offers a free trial version of this emulator for about 7 days. After using it for a week, you can come to a conclusion whether to purchase it or not. This way, the users can purchase a premium version of App.iO emulator.

  1. Ripple

Ripple has secured one of the best places in the top 12 iOS emulators for Windows 10 list. Usually, the developers use Ripple emulator for testing various apps. It plays a major role in developing new apps. It is a Chrome-based browser extension tool that can be used as an iOS emulator. It is compatible with a variety of iOS applications. Ripple is the best alternative to iPad emulator.


  1. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator is another best iOS Emulator available for all Windows users. The game lovers need not worry about playing iOS-compatible games on Windows PC. Using this iOS emulator, one can easily download their preferred iOS games on Windows devices.


  1. iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is the popular iOS emulator for Windows users. It works as the best Google Chrome extension that operates on the cloud OS. It renders notable features to all the users like the ability to use Siri without purchasing an iPad. With just a single click, one can create their personal apps in no time, run different web services and more.

  1. Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio is another best iOS emulator which is not available for free of cost. It is a paid software that offers high quality services to the users. Using this tool, the users can develop different iOS apps through unique coding language. It requires much RAM size when compared to the alternatives listed in this post. The price of Electric Mobile Studio emulator for Windows is $39.99 per month. There is a free trial version of Electric Mobile Studio for about 7 days.


  1. Xamarian Testflight

Xamarian Testflight is unique compared to the iOS emulators listed before. Using this emulator, the users can create an iTunes account. It is not free software for the Windows platform. This iOS emulator is truly useful for all the developers compared to the remaining iOS emulators. It provides the best support and friendly user interface to all the iOS apps.


  1. AIR iPhone

Air iPhone is the best iPad Emulator for PC that comes in a complete package. With the help of this emulator, the users can even make calls. Besides this, one can send voice messages at a great ease. If you are exploring for an emulator with an interface that presents the iPhone user interface on Windows PC then, Air iPhone is a perfect pick. Through the Air iPhone Emulator, the users can download and install different iOS apps and games on Windows PC for free. This emulator is compatible with different versions of Windows such as Windows 7/8/8.1/10 versions of operating system. It is the best alternative emulator to iPadian iOS emulator. Similar to the iPadian emulator, Air iPhone is available completely for free of cost.


  1. iMame

iMame is another best iOS emulator for Windows PC. Through this app, the users can easily download and install various apps and games for free of cost. All those compatible games and apps on iOS can be accessible on Windows through iMame emulator.


The Bottom Line

That’s all! These are the best and top most 12 iOS emulators for Windows PC  2019. For more doubts, don’t hesitate to ask us through the comments section.