7 Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season | When Not In use

By | 2019-01-10

Mostly all people are avoid biking or long trip in winter. So When you buy the motorcycle of your dreams, you’ll naturally want to protect your investment. But not all of us have the luxury of a garage or a dry spot where we can store our bikes throughout the year. Don’t let the threat of rust, dirt, crime and careless drivers keep you awake at night. Here are a few top tips for storing your bike this winter. So follow this above mention tips to protect bike from harsh winter weather.

Here is 7 Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season


Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season-1Ideally, your bike should be kept inside. Choose a location away from a window, as UV light can fade paint and plastic parts. If that’s unavoidable, then make sure it’s covered with a non-transparent sheet.


Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season-2The battery must be disconnected and removed before the bike goes into storage. In cold weather the battery can freeze, causing it to crack and leak an acidic solution over your bike. Once the battery is removed, clean the terminals with a wire brush and lube them with dielectric grease. The battery should be kept in a clean, dry place, and charged in a well ventilated area.


Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season-3Fill up the tank before you lay your bike to rest, but be careful not to overfill the tank as it will need room to expand. Then, add a stabiliser to prevent moisture accumulation, which will keep the fuel from going stale.


Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season-5Investing in a decent cover is well worth the additional.expense, as coverings like tarps and old sheets can actually do more harm than good!


Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season-4Inflate both tyres to the maximum recommended pressure. If the bike is stood on a concrete or metal floor, place some cardboard underneath the tyres to prevent the rubber from freezing.


Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season-6Wax acts an effective barrier against rust and moisture, so give metal surfaces like the frame or engine a light spray of WD-40 to keep them shiny and corrosion free. This should include the mufflers and exhaust, which can rust when not in use. Once dry, cover each muffler with a plastic bag to keep out any moisture.


Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season-7Acids are produced in the oil when the bike is in use, which can cause damage to the inner metal surfaces. For this reason, it’s a good idea to freshen up the oil before a spell of prolonged inactivity. Preferably, use a winter grade (5w30) and dispose of the old oil responsibly.

So If you want to more tips on biking then best place is Youtube , Lots of youtubers provide best guide for the bike for all category. Do check some well known bikers youtube channel for more detail. And hope you like this tips. If you like this 7 Tips to Store Bike in Winter Season . 

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